Dawn Of Isles Get Stronger Equipment, How To Earn Coin & EXP Faster

Dawn Of Isles

Dawn Of Isles

Dawn Of Isles is the latest online role-playing game developed by NetEase Games. To easily defeat all the beast in the game, you need to have better equipment. The game has an auto-quest mode which helps us in completing all the quest easily, but there is some moment in the game, where we have to find ways to quickly gain EXP to continue on our journey.

In this post of Dawn Of Isles, we will show you how to get stronger equipment, forging and how to earn EXP and Coin faster.

Dawn Of Isles Make Equipment Stronger

Most of the time while completing quests in the game, we get various equipment from the NPC’s which are of max level. If you don’t have max level equipment, you can forge them with Ingot. Ingot can be farmed in your home island through the furnace. You can forge your equipment in Boreas City. Once you reach Boreas City, open your world map and search for the armor icon the map.

There are two ways to make your equipment stronger. The first method is to embed them with a gem. You can get gem by completing the main quest. We forgot the name of the NPC  and its location who gives us a tutorial in forging gem, if you know it’s name and location do mention in the comments or we will update soon. To embed a gem in equipment, tap on your health bar at the top left corner of the game screen. There select the equipment in which you have to embed the gem, and tap on Enhance. There you can see the list of gem available to embed on the right side of the game screen.

The second method is to enchant your equipment. You can get these enhancements by killing dungeon bosses. We got this Shark Witch’s cunning by defeating the shark brother. You can enhance your equipment by tapping on the health bar on the top left corner of the game screen, select the equipment and tap on Enhance. There at the bottom of the game screen, you can find both the method.

Dawn Of Isles Earn EXP

We need EXP in this game to level up our character, progress further and unlock main quest. While completing the quest’s we sometimes get stuck as we need a higher level to access further quests. While killing beasts and doing side quests grant you EXP, but that much is not enough to quickly reach the required level. The best way to quickly earn EXP is to complete Deity Errands quest. To start these quests, you need to travel to your tribe island and interact with any 1 Deity out of 4.

There will be 5 quests that you will get from each Deity and each after completing each quest, you will get around 100k EXP. Each tribe member has 2 round attempts to accept errands every day, which can be accumulated up to 4 rounds. So per day, you can complete these errands twice and get up to 1000k EXP. Complete these Deity Errands quests to reach the required level and carry on with your main quest. You will also get some reward after collecting the favor from the Deity.

Dawn Of Isles Earn Gold Coin

Gold coins are the premium currency that we have to buy using real money. But there is also another way through which we can earn gold coin and that is “Trade Sell”. You can sell a variety of item in the market in exchange for gold coins. Not all items can be sold for gold coins. To check if an item can be sold for gold coins, open your backpack and select the item. If you can see the “Trade Sell” button,  then it can be sold for gold coins.

You cannot sell your equipment for gold coins or in the market for silver ones. The best way to earn gold coins is to quickly level up your fishing rod and try to catch some rare fish. You can also sell gathering tools or the resources you gather from them for gold coins.

Note: If you have any more tips on how to get EXP and gold coins faster, do mention in the comment below 🙂

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