Dawn Of Isles Beginners Guide, Crafting, Quests, Tips And Much More

Dawn Of Isles

Dawn Of Isles

Dawn Of Isles is an online multiplayer role-playing game developed by NetEase Games. The game is available in both platform Android and iOS. You can download the Android File from HERE and the iOS file from HERE. NetEase has been releasing some of the popular titles with various categories such as in MOBA (Onmyoji Arena), in Battle Royale (Cyber Hunter, Rules Of Survival), in survival RPG (LifeAfter), in survival action(Identity V) which is similar to PC dead by daylight and much more.

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In this post of Dawn Of Isles, we will show beginners guide, crafting, gathering, different quest guides, tips and much more.

Dawn Of Isles Guide

In this game, you have to choose a character among 4 others to start your adventure in Kalangol, a world filled with miracle and secrets. You can choose whichever character you like as you can play this game with multiple accounts. While logging in to the game server, you will always be asked which character you want to choose, you can choose an existing character or experience the game again with a new character. The list of 4 characters are:


  • Weapons- Axe, Sword
  • Role- Damage Per Second (DPS), Tank
  • Attack- 4/5
  • Defense- 5/5
  • Control- 2.5/5
  • Regen- 0.5/5
  • Difficulty- 4/5



  • Weapons- Longbow, Crossbow
  • Role- Damage Per Second (DPS), Crowd Control
  • Attack- 5/5
  • Defense- 2.5/5
  • Control- 4/5
  • Regen- 0.5/5
  • Difficulty- 3.5/5



  • Weapons- Twinfan, Staff
  • Role- Healer, Damage Per Second (DPS)
  • Attack- 3.5/5
  • Defense- 2/5
  • Control- 3/5
  • Regen- 5/5
  • Difficulty- 2.5/5



  • Weapons- Lance, Blades
  • Role- Damage Per Second (DPS), Crowd Control
  • Attack- 4.5/5
  • Defense- 3/5
  • Control- 3.5/5
  • Regen- 0.5/5
  • Difficulty- 3/5


So if we calculate the total score of these characters Warmage and Ranger get 15.5/25. Fighter and Dancer get 16/25. There is not much difference in the overall stats of these characters. So now you can choose the best character according to the role you like to play. Once you start the game, you will be spawned in a random island of yours which you have to name later.

Once you complete all your missions in your home island, you will be attacked by the Lizard King, who will take your sister Daria. You need to save your sister by starting off with the adventure and this game. This game has various features like crafting, cooking, fishing and much more.

Note: When you reach level 17 and complete almost all main quests you will be asked to reach level 19 to progress further in the game. While upgrading 2 levels of your character is quite difficult with just side quests and gathering. You can complete the task board quests by visiting your home island which will provide massive EXP and within no time you will reach level 19.

Dawn Of Isles Crafting

Crafting can be done in this game on your home island or you need to look for the blacksmith crafting bench icon in the world map. Once you find the crafting bench, stand near it and tap on the three-dot chat icon at the right bottom corner of the game screen. There you can find various items that can be crafted. The list of gathering tools that can be crafted are:

Logging Axe- To craft this item you need 3x Breeze Wood ( Can be collected by chopping trees) and 3x Sand Rock ( Can be collected by mining rocks).

Mining Axe- To craft this item you need 2x Breeze Wood and 4x Sand Rock.

Sickle- To craft this item, you need 4x Breeze Wood and 2x Sand Rock

Skinning Shiv- To craft this item you need 3x  Breeze Wood and 3x Sand Rock

Fishing Rod- To craft this item you need 3x Breeze Wood and 3x Sand Rock

These are level 1 gathering items. To unlock higher tier items, you need to unlock different island on world map by completing main quests.

To gather resources in this game is quite simple, you just need to equip your gathering tool and tap on the tool icon at the right bottom corner of the screen. If the resources is available nearby, your character will automatically go towards the resource and farm. If it can’t find any nearby resources, you will get a message as “No relevant resources point nearby”. Try moving your character a little farther and starting gathering again.

Dawn Of Isles Cooking

Cooking can be done in this game on your home island or you need to look for the cooking pot icon on the world map. Go near the cooking pot and interact with it to start making food. There are various types of food recipes that provide different stats to your characters such as reserve food, regen food, boost food, and pet snack. You can unlock different recipes through the kitchen. The kitchen can be built once you have unlocked the blueprint. The blueprint will be unlocked once you have completed certain main quests.

Dawn Of Isles Quests

There will be various quests for you to complete in this game. The developer has made completing so much simplified that we just need to tap on the quest at the left side of the game screen and your character will automatically move towards completing the quest. You will find various quests in your quest tab list such as the main quest, side quest, home quest.

We need to you mainly first focus on your main quests and home quests. The main quest as we all know we have to complete to progress in the game, but we also need to complete these home quests to upgrade our home island. By upgrading our home island we unlock various features and buildings that help us in crafting, gathering and much more.

The main building on your home island is the Deity altar. You need to upgrade the altar to unlock different features and more buildings to construct in your home island. To upgrade the altar to level 2 is quite simple which you have to as your main mission but upgrading it to level 3 will be your side quest and it can be a little tricky. When you reach the altar and interact with it, tap on manage your altar. At the top right corner of the screen, you can see the upgrade icon. Tap on the icon and select upgrade.

As you keep progress in the game, you will many yellow exclamations mark on the world map. These marks are the side quests that you can complete to get rewards and EXP.

Dawn Of Isles First Recharge

At the beginning of the game, you will be asked to do the first recharge and claim a certain bonus. Well, you can do a recharge of as low as 1$ and claim and the first recharge bonus which will give you a head start in the game. The list of gifts are:

  • Ancient Evolved Gale Hound Pet
  • 1x Level 20 Legendary Weapon
  • New Outfit
  • Rebirth Stone
  • 200000 Coins

The best gifts in this recharge pack are the ancient pet and the legendary weapon. We can also tame various monsters in this game which we will cover in our next post. So keep visiting for more guides on Dawn OF Isles and other exciting game guides.

Dawn Of Isles Home Island Buildings

You can unlock different buildings and construct them on your home island to produce resources and unlock various items. You can unlock all the buildings by upgrading your Deity Altar. The list of buildings that are available to construct in the home island are:

Pit- Unlock “Pet Expedition” to obtain supplies and other rewards. Unlock at Deity Altar Level 5.

Construct Yard- Produces Planks And Bricks. Can be used for upgrading buildings. Unlock at Deity Altar Level 3.

Furnace- Produce Ingot. Can be used to forge the weapon. Unlock at Deity Altar Level 6.

Textile Mill- Produce Glue and Cloth. Can be used to forge accessory and Dancer Armor. Unlock at Deity Altar Level 6

Hunter’s Lodge- Produce Leather and Chitin. Can be used to forge Ranger, Warmage and Fighter Armor. Unlock at Deity Altar Level 6

Crafter’s Hut- Unlocks more Crafting bench formula. Unlock at Deity Altar Level 4.

Kitchen- Learn more cooking pot recipes. Unlock at Deity Altar Level 4

Lumber Mill- Auto produces Logs and Resin.

Quarry- Auto-produces Rocks and Minerals.

Green House- Auto-produces Forage and Fruit

Trading Pier- Unlock pier loading, where you need to collect different resources and submit each resource to claim the reward. When the ship arrives the resources list get refreshed.

Dawn Of Isles Combat Guide

In this game, you can deal basic damage to monsters by tapping the weapon icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Near the basic weapon icon, you can see various skills icon that will unlock as your character keep leveling up. Your pet also has its own ability and will be unlocked, once you tame a pet.

You can combine your basic attack or skills elements to boost your damage output. You can also craft all these elements, fill them in the flask and use them as items to deal damage to monsters. These elements can be crafted from the crafting bench.

Once you have finished crafting an element, add them to your Hotbar. Hotbar is the quick use item bar that is displayed at the bottom of the game screen. Drag and use the element flask on the monsters to deal them damage. Different elements that can be found in this game are fire, gas, water, frost, lava, sand and bolt.

Dawn Of Isles Tips

Collect Benefits Rewards

Benefits rewards include many quests like daily sign-in, level up rewards, novice questionnaire and much more. Log in daily to your account and keep leveling up your character to get huge rewards early game to give you a boost. These rewards include treasure maps, rebirth stone, pet items, equipment, and coins.

Complete Dungeons With Auto-Match

The developers have included a great feature for solo players. To complete a dungeon you at least need 3-5 players. If you are having trouble finding a team, you can queue up in auto-match and team up with other solo players. Team up with players with different role characters from yours. Example if you are playing DPS character, try finding a tank and healer to complete dungeon easily.

Join Tribe

The tribe is like your clan members, helping you through the game. You can also change your home island location by opening the world map and selecting Archipelago at the bottom left corner of the screen. You should change the location of your home island near your tribe.

Once you join tribe, you get its various perks such as spending training points to improve your character, share items among tribe members, purchase items with tribe honors, offer tribe tribute and earn coins.

Keep Gathering

Whenever you get little free time during your quest, or you find a place with lots of tree or rocks, start gathering those resources. As you keep progressing in the game, more resources will be required to craft and upgrade. So don’t forget to gather resources in between quests.

Upgrade Skills

In this game, your character has a total of 6 skills which will be unlocked as you keep leveling up. Each character uses two types of weapon in this game. Each weapon has a different set of skills. You will unlock the second type of weapon of each character later in the game.

Allocate Character Attribute Points

Your character has some basic attributes such as strength, intelligence, stamina, etc. As your character level up, you get some of the points to level up these basic attributes of your character. By allocating points to these attributes, you make your character stronger. To allocate attribute point, tap on your health bar at the top-left corner of the game screen and select “Attribute Pt” at the top right side of the screen. There tap on allocation at the right bottom of the game screen and if you are confused which attribute to increase, you can choose the recommend feature.

Do Daily Task Board Quest

You can complete up to 5 daily tasks and after completing these tasks you will get a special daily task as an urgent mission. These daily tasks are easy to complete and will offer huge EXP and rewards. The urgent request will grant you 200K EXP, 100 gold coins and silvers.

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