Dark Sword 2 Guide, Cores, Parts, Plugins, Gears, Fatima & Much More

Dark Sword 2 is an RPG game developed by NANOO COMPANY Inc. The game is available in both platform Android and iOS. You can download the Android APK from HERE and iOS file from HERE. This game provides the ultimate hack and slash combat with monsters featuring various unique abilities of each Fatima. The lighting trail effect after each sword slash featuring enhanced graphics makes the game truly enjoyable. You have to forge, unlock and equip various items to makes your Fatima stronger and increase their power.

In this post of Dark Sword 2, we will show you the beginners guide, give you an insight about all the features in inventory, how to unlock, upgrade Fatima and their weapons, upgrade skills, tips and much more.

Dark Sword 2 Guide

In this game, the main objective is to defeat enemies robots, clear mission and form an unstoppable squad. The key part of your character is its power. To increase your Fatima’s power you need to equip various kind of equipment that we have listed below. Higher tier equipment will provide more power to your Fatima so that they can deal massive damage and easily clear the stage by defeating the main boss.

If you are unable to clear any stage that means you are not strong enough. You need to clear the previous stages again to find better equipment or cores and then upgrade your Fatima. Upgrade your Fatima will also unlock new skills. In this game, each Fatima has more than 5 special unique abilities that you need to unlock. To upgrade your skill or weapon level you need gold. Do not over upgrade your starting weapons of any Fatima. You can easily unlock the MK2 weapon by only collecting 10 cores. You can collect these cores by playing squad mission.

Dark Sword 2 Inventory

There are various equipment in this game and a new player can get confused easily. Below is the brief detail about these equipment and at the bottom of the page you can find some useful tips for using these equipment.

Cores- These shards are required to upgrade your Fatima and weapons.

Parts- These are used to upgrade the power of the weapon. Before using a rare part on a weapon, make sure you are going to use that weapon for a long time or if you have sufficient tool kit to extract that part again.

Plugins/ Insignia- Both are used on you Fatima to increase its performance and defense. While equipping these parts on a Fatima, if you see the best icon in any part, you need to use that part to maximize the power. While equipping plugin, you need to use minimum space, so that you can use more number of plugins and increase the power. Plugins space will increase once your upgrade your Fatima AI.

Gears- These are your Fatima’s partner who shoots laser and rockets on enemies. The star on these gears represents its tier and power level. You will get plenty of these parts, plugins, and insignia so choose wisely before using any.

Items- These are consumables to increase your Fatima Exp, increase stamina, and tool kits.

NOTE: Tool kits are used to extract any parts, plugins, insignia and other items from a Fatima and its weapons to make it re-usable. If you just directly remove any part without using a tool kit, they will be destroyed.

Dark Sword 2 Unlock And Upgrade Fatima

Fatima’s can be unlocked upon collecting a sufficient amount of cores. These shards can be found in supply cubes and squad missions. After completing the mission 1, you will 2 extra Fatima’s. Sakura is much stronger than Alia in terms of power rating. Use the above-mentioned resources wisely on each Fatima’s to maximize their power. You can also unlock Fatima’s by using your souls. 700 souls will grant you 30 cores of any Fatima. You can buy these cores from the shop by tapping on the box icon at the left bottom corner of the main home game screen.

Dark Sword 2 Unlock And Upgrade Weapons

Weapons are also unlocked upon collecting a sufficient amount of cores of that particular hero. If you use all the cores in unlocking a weapon, you can upgrade your Fatima, you need to collect these cores again. Make sure if you are unlocking new weapons, you have sufficient parts to equip in it. Example if you have used your rare parts in weapon 1 and you unlock weapon 2 of that character, you can use the same party. You have to extract those parts with a tool kit which are very expensive and hard to get. So you need to plan ahead and use these parts accordingly.

Dark Sword 2 Tips

Collect All Mission Rewards

At the left side of the home game screen, you can find the purple list icon. There you will find various quest regarding your missions and Fatima. Complete these quest to get tons of rewards like gold, stamina, items, and souls. Stamina is used to play squad mission where you can farm core.

Forge Better Equipment

Once you reach profile to level 10 you will be able to forge your own equipment. Forging these equipment require some gold. But for a high tier 5 star equipment you need to spend a huge amount of gold. So we recommend you to save up gold and upgrade only those skill and weapons when required.

Farm Cores

The core is one of the most important items in this game. These are used to unlock new weapons and upgrade your Fatima rank. Upgrading the rank will unlock new skills of each Fatima. So if we recommend you to unlock a weapon first of any Fatima and then focus on unlocking the skills. Because if you use a high tier 4-5 star part in a weapon, you need a lot of tool kit to extract and re-use again. So use a weapon till its absolutely necessary to change it.

Equip The Best Equipment

While equipping you can see some of these equipment with the best icon. These items are better than the items you have equipped and it shows that you need to change them. So the best equipment will grant more power to you Fatima and will help you in killing those robots.

Collect Daily Reward

If you like this game, you need to check in daily to get these rare rewards that are provided on consecutive 7 days. You can also earn Fatima’s cores, souls, tool kits, and lot of golds. Even if you are busy the whole day, don’t forget to check in once and collect these special rewards.

Use Reset Feature When Level-Up

When you clear a stage, your Fatima’s get some experience. Once you completely fill the experience bar they will level up. When they level up, their basic stats increase. Sometimes it increases less and you can see a yellow color. But when maximum stats increases, it will show in pink color. So if you seeing the yellow color and out of 6 only 1 stat got increased. You can reset and maximize these stats boost by watching a small video after completing a stage.

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