Cyber Hunter: Extreme Parkour Guide, Tips, Cheats, And Strategy

Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter is going to be one of the best mobile battle royal game, as it features an open world extreme parkour, supercars, and special abilities. The game has been developed by NetEase Games, who also has released most popular titles like LifeAfter, Rules Of Survival, and Onmyoji.

The game is in open beta right now, but you can pre-register it from play store. The game will also be available on the iOS App Store. In this post, we will show you some basic guide, tips, and strategy.

Cyber Hunter: Beginners Guide

This game is like any other battle royal which you have played but there are some extra features which make it so unique from others. You can climb any high ground on this game, as it has extreme parkour skills.

In Cyber Hunter you will get quantum cubes as drops which act as some energy to provide you and your drone special skills. There are tons of skills available in this game like spawn vehicle, make fort or wall which I show you in detail on upcoming posts.

This game has a solo, 2 man, and 4 man squad. When you join any game, you have the option to manually land or autoland. If are new to battle royal you can try this feature. Tap on mini-map at the top right corner of the screen and tap on the map where you want to land. After that close your mini-map and you will get an option to autoland.

We will be updating the advance guide about all the skills, settings and gun tier on our upcoming posts, for now here are some tips to master the game.

Cyber Hunter: Tips And Tricks

Land As Fast As Possible

If you are new to this game, you can try the autoland feature. But it’s not always effective, you need to learn manual landing. Select where you want to land and when you reach near about 600-700m away from the landing zone, jump from the spaceship.

Sometimes when your landing zone lies directly in your spaceship path, auto land waits till you reach the zone and directly go down while other players use the method above and reach early to gather weapons.

Always Pick Up Better Weapons And Equipment

Sometimes having a higher tier weapon gives you an upper hand on the battle. You can distinguish them as its written below the gun name like basic rifle, advance SMG, rare rifle and many more.

Similarly, you need to find a better body armor to protect from enemy and lookout for attachments for your guns. You can control your recoil of guns with better attachments and kill your enemy easily.

Lookout For The Safe Zones

As the map is so big, sometimes you forget to check out the shrinking zone. Initial stages of zones will not affect you so much, but when its keep getting shorter the damage output will keep increasing.

To avoid this you can always keep a stock of quantum cubes to summon your vehicle and enter the safe zone.  Most players just camp at the edge of safe zones, so lookout for them and don’t engage when you see one. You can hide or build a barrier to protect yourself and then heal.

Daily Claim Your Quests Reward

Cyber Hunter

After completing some matches, some quests will automatically get completed at the beginning of the game. You can check your quest progress by tapping on the badge icon at the top of the screen beside the gear icon. You get various rewards like Vcoins, Legendary Activeness Crate, Elite Activeness Crate and many more. With V coins you can unlock supplies by visiting the shop. You can access shop at the right side of the screen with a cart icon.


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