Cowboy! Guide, Unlock Outlaw World, Lucky Draw, Tips & Much More

Cowboy! is a casual game developed by Lion Studios. The game is available in both platform Android and iOS. You can download the Android APK from HERE and the iOS file from HERE. In this game, you will a rider with a lasso trying to catch a different kind of animals in exchange for money. There are various kinds of animals you can catch in this game by unlocking different parts of the world.

In this post of Cowboy!, we will show you the game guide, how to unlock the outlaw world, how to unlock steed, how to upgrade items, tips and much more.

Cowboy! Guide

The main objective of the game is to earn money and increase lasso length so that you can reach the end of the world to catch ancient animals. At the bottom of the screen, you can see three icons. Upgrading the first icon will increase the number of animals you can capture with your lasso. When you start the game, at the top left corner of the screen, you can see the bull icon with some numbers below it. These numbers are the capacity of animals the lasso can hold.

Upgrading the second icon will increase the lasso length. The longer the lasso length, the rarer the animals will appear to catch. Catching these rare animals will generate more money and help you upgrade your items faster. When you throw your lasso, you can see some glowing animals on the map. Capturing these animals will provide bonus rewards such a 2x money. Just by throwing the lasso, it’s not ensured that you will get the maximum money. You need to hold the screen and drag the lasso left and right to capture these glowing animals. Try to capture only these glowing animals to generate maximum revenue.

Upgrading the third icon will increase your offline earnings. When you open the game after a few hours of inactivity, you will see a pop up on the screen showing your offline income. If you want to earn more money during your time of inactivity, you can focus on upgrading the third icon or just throw the lasso and wait for animals to get captured automatically. But with this method, the revenue that is generated will be less compared to capturing glowing animals.

Cowboy! Worlds

There are two worlds currently available in this game which are Cowboy World and Outlaw World. Both of these worlds have their own unique animals to be captured. You start the game in the Cowboy World and once you reach the Ancient Oasis part of this map, you will unlock the Outlaw World. The list of different parts of these maps and the length of lasso required to unlock them are:

Cowboy World

Cowboy Town – 0m~680m

Sunny Forest – 680m~1320m

Red Rock Canyon – 1320m~1960m

Western Wilderness – 1960m~2600m

Silver Plateau – 2600m~3280m

Sweetwater Swamp – 3280m~3920m

Phantom Trail – 3920m~4560m

Ancient Oasis – 4560m~5200m

Outlaw World

Gold Coast – 0m~680m

Seaside Town – 680m~1320m

Cowboy City – 1320m~1960m

Dark Forest – 1960m~2600m

Megalith Wilderness – 2600m~3280m

Cold Plains – 3280m~3920m

Star Road – 3920m~4560m

The Void – 4560m~5200m

Note: All these parts of maps have different animals to be captured and you can check these animals out by tapping on the bull icon at the top left corner of the game home screen.

Cowboy! Steed And Lucky Draw

From lucky draw, you get a different kind of mounts to ride while capturing animals. There is a total of 16 steeds to be unlocked in this game. Mounts are called steeds in this game and you can unlock them by participating in the lucky draw. To take part in the lucky draw you will need tokens. Tokens are the premium currency in this game which can be bought by using real money from the store, watching an Ad or by completing achievements.

You can take part in the lucky draw by tapping on the three card icon on the right side of the game screen. If you have a token, you can tap on the play button or watch an Ad to get a free token. Free tokens can be collected once every 12 hours. When you tap on the play icon, there will be three cards shown to you out of which some steed you might have already own. Those three cards will be shuffled and you need to pick one of them. Try to pick the steed which you don’t own. If you pick a card that you have already owned, you will get 10,000 coins in exchange for that.

Cowboy! Tips

Catch Special Animals

Catching special glowing animals will earn you more money and you can upgrade your length and capacity of the lasso. Hold the lasso once it reaches to the end of the map and drags it to capture special animals.

Claim Wanted Rewards

You can claim these rewards by tapping on the wanted blue icon at the top left corner of the game screen. You will receive a huge amount of gold coins by completing these quests and once you complete all the quest, you will earn a token for a lucky spin.

Watch Ad To Boost Income

When you open the game after long hours of inactivity, you will earn some offline income, you can double them up just by watching an AD. Animal capture income can also be tripled by this method. When you finish capture all the animals, you will get a pop up asking you to triple your income just by watching an Ad

Claim Free Token

You can claim free token every 12 hours by visiting the lucky draw menu. To go to the lucky draw menu, tap on the purple card icon at the right side of the game screen and tap on free tokens. You can unlock steeds using these tokens.

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