Conquer the City Beginner’s Guide, Winning Strategy, Tips and Tricks

Conquer the City is a strategic tower conquering game. This game was developed by JoyPuz.  In this game, you have a base tower. You have to make pathways to connect he dormant buildings. Once connected, the soldiers will move to occupy the building. This way you have to make way to your opponent building. In case, you capture the opponent building, you win the game. If the opponent gets to you first, then you will lose. You need to strategically place the paths between towers. In order to win you will need to eliminate all opponent towers. There can be multiple enemies in the game. In this guide we will learn how to easily win through levels and conquer the battlefield

Connect The Paths

The green building is your building. You need to connect to other buildings in order to move your soldiers into to dormant ones. The dormant buildings are denoted by grey color. These buildings can be captured by any one. The opponent color are denoted by other colors such as yellow, red, magenta. Firstly, you have also figure out which building are to be captured. You have to judge yourself which are strategically correct. Choosing wrong buildings can lose you the game. Your objective is to capture all the buildings and eliminate all the other opponents. You can also block an opponent’s path by creating a path on their path. This will help defend your building as well as overpowering them.

Choose Multiple Paths and Fill Towers

You can choose multiple paths for a certain tower. The dots in the tower denote the number of paths you can create from that certain tower. As a result, you have to decide where to build path. So, the white dots denote unused paths. If there are no white dots, that’s the limit. When you max out a tower, you can have three paths are max. Most importantly, you also need to max out towers. So, choose your paths carefully when attacking an enemy.

Max Out the Buildings

In conclusion , you have to attack enemy towers as well as max out your own towers. When you max out the tower, you get max links to create to other towers. The towers when maxed out will produce maximum soldiers. So your objective should be take care of both these aspects in order to win the game. When a building is maxed out, you need to cut the incoming paths. You will then make outgoing paths to other towers which are not maxed out or half filled or dormant ones. Likewise, you will get good at the game as you keep on playing.

Strategic Connections in case of Obstacles

Conquer the City

As you progress in the levels, you will encounter obstacles. Obstacles create certain difficulty in creating paths. So you need to think logically on which buildings to capture first. In addition you will also need to max out every buildings. Meanwhile, if you are not quick, the opponents will take hold of buildings quickly. To sum up , capture buildings strategically in case of obstacles on the course. You need to try to take max buildings on one side and then connect to others.

Use Powerups

Conquer the City

Yes, there are powerups in the game. The powerups are located in the bottom right corner . You can use these powerups to gain significant advantage in the playfield. For example, if you use freeze, opponents will be frozen for some time. You can also use double damage to deal 2x damage. Although, you need to watch some video ads to get the powerup rewards. So, ultimately your wish if you need that advantage

Overpowering Enemies

In order to overpower enemies try these steps

  • Conquer grey buildings fast
  • Max out the buildings
  • Choose your paths strategically
  • Make defensive paths against the enemies
  • Connect all the buildings with each other
  • Don’t make unnecessary long connections
  • Balance the incoming and outgoing paths

If you like the game, please support the developers

Game Link: Conquer the City (Android)

Game Link: Conquer the City (iOS)


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