Coal Mining Inc. Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Trick to become Tycoon

Coal Mining Inc. is a idle mining game . You need to mine coal to become the next coal tycoon. This game was developed by Lion Studios. You start with a small land where there are mining machineries and transport. Your objective is to upgrade the production line and use various upgrades. This game is really fun with simple graphics. There are several elements in the game which you need to get used to. You can also watch ad to speed up process and get extra cash or diamond.  However, you always need to balance out various elements or else you might accidentally slow down the process. Here in this guide, we will show you how to mine efficiently.

Know your industry line and conveyer

This is the main area where you have to optimize the industry to earn cash. The conveyor processes all the coal from the coal mine. It then sends out coal to be collected by forklift vehicles to drop it to trains. That’s how you generate cash. Firstly, you can increase the number of forklifts which will help you generate more cash. Secondly, you can also increase forklift capacity. Add more coalblasters to increase the coal production rate.  Therefore, you can do all sort of upgrades to earning rate from here. Most importantly keep other upgrades in mind too.

  • Forklift Capacity – Increase Forklift capacity by 0.5
  • Forklift Number – Add a Forklift
  • CoalBlaster Capacity – Increase Capacity by 10
Available Managers
  1. Eason – Fork Lift capacity upgrade cost reduction
  2. Barbara – Coal Blaster maximum capacity increased
  3. Henry – Fork Lift capacity increase
  4. Tom – Coal Blaster capacity upgrade cost reduction


CoalMine is where you get coal

CoalMine is where drilling machines get to work and coal is extracted. The truck meanwhile transport the coal from drill machines to Conveyor. You can increase the number of drills and number of trucks from here. Increase the Drill Speed to maximize coal output. You can also increase Drill Capacity to collect more amount of coal at on instance. In addition to that, keep in mind to equalize with all other upgrades.

  • 1. Drill Speed – Increase Drill Coal Collection speed by 0.1
  • 2. Drill Capacity – Increase Drill Capacity by 1.5
  • 3. Drill Number – Add a Drill Car
  • Truck Number – Add a truck
Available Managers
  1. Camille – Storage Capacity increased
  2. Edwin – Improved collection efficiency
  3. Alex – Drill Speed upgrade cost reduction
  4. Abby – Drill Capacity upgrade cost reduction

Office Administration take care of business

Consequently the office handles all the business ends. You can also find the hired/locked managers here. Different managers have different roles which enhance the coal business. You can do certain upgrades here than improve the revenue. In addition you can increase the coal price for additional revenue. Truck Speed increase will result in improved movement speed of trucks. Fork Lift speed will result in improved movement speed of fork lifts.

  • Coal Price – Unit price of coal increased by 1
  • Truck Speed – Movement Speed increased by 0.5
  • Fork Lift Speed – Movement Speed increased by 0.5
Available Managers
  1. Peter – Forklift movement speed increase
  2. Cindy – Office Duration get extended
  3. Anita – Probability of epic orders increase
  4. Elizabeth – Task rewards increase
  5. Anna – Speed increase
  6. Harold – Order rewards increase
  7. Aileen – Click to increase the vehicle speed
  8. Belinda – Coal Price increase
  9. Betty – Coal Price upgrade cost reduction
  10. Stanley – Truck moving speed increased


Auto Drill Machine is a boon for idling

Auto Drill Machine keeps on drilling and has conveyor belt going from and to the main conveyor. It simultaneously drills, collects and transfers coal. It generates decent amount of coal and reduces the load on coal mine. Drill Speed and Drill Capacity are the only available upgrades in the Drill Machine. Use it to advantage

  • Drill Speed – Increased Drill Coal collection speed by 0.1
  • Drill Capacity – Increase Drill Capacity by 1.5
Available Managers
  1. Jenny – Drill Speed upgrade cost reduction
  2. Howard – Storage capacity increased
  3. Kate – Improved collection efficiency
  4. Nicholas – Drill Capacity upgrade cost reduction


The Flashy Helicopter, Sneaky eh?

Coal Mining Inc.

Well that helicopter blinking blue that you see in the office area when tapped give you a bonus but you need to watch an ad. That’s it. Pretty decent. In-game ads system but gives a huge chunk of reward. It refreshes once in a while. You can also find rewardable ads in the coal mine area. They are scattered around the area. Or as usual you can wait for the helicopter to arrive with a fresh ad. You can also watch ads in order to get some other bonuses like, movement speed bonus, time bonus and treasure box rewards.

Accept Orders and get Diamonds

Coal Mining Inc.

Accept orders by tapping the train icon and there you can check the orders. You can also refresh your order by watching an ad. On accepting the order, a new train arrives. You will have to fill the train with coal and you will be rewarded with diamonds. There is a certain time limit upon which you have to complete order. However, you can extend the time by watching another ad.

Complete Missions for Diamond Rewards

Coal Mining Inc.

Find the daily missions tab by tapping the cardboard button. On completing the three tasks, you will be rewarded with diamonds. Although you have a chance to double the diamond by watching an ad. The missions refresh when you have collected the final rewards. As you advance, the level of missions increase.

Upgrade your managers for efficiency

Coal Mining Inc.

Most importantly you need to open chests and upgrade the managers. Upgrading the managers will subsequently increase their efficiency. You can open 5 free chests per day but you will have to watch an ad every time. Rare chest will cost you 60 diamonds. Epic chest will cost you 150 diamonds. Each manager have different area of expertise. So keep upgrading.


If you like the game, please support the developers.

Game Link: Coal Mining Inc. (Android)

Game Link: Coal Mining Inc. (iOS)

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