Chess Rush Guide, Tips, Strategy, Play On PC, Tier List & Much More

Chess Rush

Chess Rush

Chess Rush is a strategy game developed by Tencent Games. The game is available in both platform Android and iOS. You can download the Android APK from HERE and iOS file from HERE. As auto chess is the new trend nowadays after the mobile release of the custom game mod of Dota 2. If you have played auto chess games in the past, you won’t have any problem in quickly adapting to Chess Rush. If you are new to auto chess games, our guide will help you to learn all the basic aspects of the game.

In this post of Chess Rush, we will show you how to play auto chess games, tips, strategy to win matches, how to play these games on pc, hero tier list and much more.

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Chess Rush Guide

Auto Chess games are quite simple if you understand to basics of the game. The difficult part is to learn about all the heroes and their class/ roles. If similar class heroes are put together on the board, you will get unique perk associated with the class. You can check about each hero and their class by tapping on the book icon at the bottom left corner of the game screen.

When you start the game, you will be matched with the other 7 players. You need to buy heroes with the gold provided to you each round. You can also re-roll the heroes by spending 2 gold. If you keep on winning all the round, you will get some extra coins. The maximum coins you will get will be 14, 5(base coins)+ 3(win streak)+ 5(Intrest) only if you have saving gold above 50 + 1(on winning). You get 10% interest in each round based on your saved coins. So we suggest you save as many coins as you can during the early game so that in later stages you can easily upgrade and re-roll heroes.

Defeating monsters will grant you some unique items that can be equipped on your heroes to give them extra stats bonus. You can tap on the treasure box and then select the item to check for heroes who are eligible to equip it. If no hero is suitable to equip that item, you can manually select a hero and then tap on the tresaure box and select equip the item.

If you are not sure about the heroes class or formation, you can try the recommend lineup and formation. To use this feature tap on your banner at the bottom right corner of the game screen and select recommend lineup at the left side of the game screen. There you can select various lineup and formation that suits your gameplay style.

Chess Rush Strategy & Tier List

We are not providing a tier list for the heroes, as in auto chess games tier list of heroes doesn’t matter that much. You need to focus on heroes class and form an undefeatable synergy. We are going to give some insight upon all the classes to form better synergy and dominate your enemies. Always aim to upgrade a hero to 3 stars as early as possible. Select a hero to upgrade to 3 stars that cost only 1 coin. A hero will be available in the shop for only a certain number. Once the maximum limit reaches for a hero, you won’t be able to buy more. For example, let assume a 1 coin hero can only have a limit of 45, so all 8 players can only buy that hero till the limit is reached. To upgrade a hero to level 3, you need to have 9 similar heroes, so only 5 players can upgrade that hero to level 3. So keep an eye on other boards, and buy those heroes, that other players are not buying to quickly upgrade it to level 3.

A 2-star hero will always be better than 1-star hero and similarly, 3-star will be better than 2 stars. Below I am providing some the combo of classes that you form during gameplay. Make sure to always have 1-2 tanks at the front, no matter whichever class you are playing. Always keep hunter or DPS heroes at the back and tanks at the front. If your opponent has a lot of assassins, you need to place a tank at the bottom of the board, as assassins jump to your backline to kill your mage and DPS heroes quickly

Human + Sorcerer

Hunter + Demon + Punisher

Elf + Dragon + Rider

Cyborg + Engineer

Hunter + Undead

Furry + Assassin

You should play warlock if you all your allies need to have lifesteal, extra lifesteal will turn into a shield that absorbs damage. If you are getting a lot of druid at the starting of the game, you can use them as tanks because of druid unique perk. If your team comprises of heavy physical damage heroes but don’t have much attack speed, try the goblin class with only 4 heroes, all your allies with gain a huge attack speed.

Note: Jelly is the most OP hero in this game that can turn into any hero. After turning into any hero, jelly copies the characteristics including the class and can be used to upgrade. If you have two identical heroes, drag jelly upon them in order to upgrade them. Demons should always be played with punisher.

Chess Rush Different Game Mode

There are various different game modes available which are classic, turbo mode, and you can even make custom lobby to play with your friends. To select a game mode tap on the icon beside the play button at the bottom right corner of the game screen. The different game modes are:

Classic Mode- It is the default mode of any auto chess game in which you will start the game with 100 HP.

Turbo Mode- You start the game with 60HP, you get double EXP and mana crystals after each round.

Co-op Mode- This is the duo mode where you can share heroes with your teammate.

In casual mode, you will encounter three-level beginner, intermediate and expert. Participating in these matches require some fee and you can win a huge amount of gold. You can use these gold to buy boards and commander from the shop located at the top left corner of the screen.

Chess Rush Play On PC

To play Chess Rush in the PC, you need to download an emulator such as Bluestacks or NOX player and then install the APK on them. You can download Bluestacks from HERE and NOX player from HERE. After installing download the game APK from google and drag the APK inside the emulator to automatically install it. After that run the game and play it on PC.

Chess Rush Tips

Save Gold Early Game

The highest interest for crystals is 5 in this game and for that, you need to save 50 mana crystals through which you buy heroes. Once you accumulate 50 mana crystals after each round you will get 10+ crystals. With extra 10+ crystals, you can easily upgrade your commander and buy more heroes and upgrade them.

Do Not Forget To Upgrade Commander

Upgrading commander adds an extra slot for your heroes in the board. You can upgrade your commander by tapping on the blue crystal at the bottom left corner of the game screen. You can check your opponent commander level at the right side of the game screen and how much mana crystal they have saved.

Equip Items That Are Suitable For Heroes

All the items are not suitable for every hero. You need to check the stats the items is offering and appropriately equip on the suitable hero, For example, armor items on tanks, mana regen items on the mage, damage items on DPS and so on.

Collect Quest Rewards

At the left side of the game screen, you can see a book icon, tap on that book icon to check your daily and main quests. You need to complete these quests to claim the rewards. The rewards are mostly EXP, gold coins and activity points. By collecting activity points, you can open the treasure chest and collect gold coins to shop from the store later.

Place Heroes Strategically

During a match, go to the recommended lineup feature and select recommended formation. From there you can change to the positions of your heroes. You can also select a hero manually and drag them to change their placement. Try out different formation in the match and then choose the most suitable one.

Join Events

You can check out the events list by tapping on the gift icon at the top right corner of the game screen. There you will find various old and new events. Check out all the events and complete their quests to collect the rewards. From these events, you can also get gold vouchers which are used to participate in the casual matches.

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