Bullet Master Guide, Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Different Modes And Much More

Bullet Master

Bullet Master

Bullet Master is an action game developed by Dziobaki. The game is available in both platform Android and iOS. You can download the Android APK from HERE and iOS file from HERE. You are a gun specialist whose objective is to kill all the bad guys Like A Boss. This game features various different modes, lots of challenges, plenty of competitive stages and vibrant colorful map. In this post of Bullet Master, we will show you the game guide, different modes of the game in details, how to unlock them, various tips, tricks to complete the stages easily and much more.

Bullet Master Guide

You cannot move your character in this game, you need to hold your phone screen and aim at the bad guys. There is a total of 780 stages in normal mode and you can check your progress by tapping on the blue grid icon beside the play button. You need to shoot at the bad guys which can be done by tapping on them but as you progress in the game the stages will be quite difficult to complete in 3 stars. You need to hold down your finger and a red line will appear showing the trajectory of the bullet.

The bullet that you shoot at the bad guys can get reflected if it’s hit an object. The bullet can be used to push obstacles, buttons and break wooden objects. So make full use of your surroundings and try to kill all the bad guys with the number of golden bullets you get each round. Some round you may get only 1 golden bullet while other rounds 2 or 3. We have discussed in details about golden bullets in Tips that you can find at the bottom of the page. For some bad guys to kill, you need to open doors which can be done by shooting at the buttons.

Your character doesn’t take any damage from TNT or if any objects fall on them, your life will only deplete if you get hit with your own bullet by reflection.  You can find the number of bullets and your character HP at the top of the game screen. If you fail to get 3 stars do not worry, you can always restart from the starting of the round and from your previous stage experience, you can clear the round easily Like A Boss.

Bullet Master Quick Draw

Quickdraw is a mode available in this game. In this mode, the bad guy will keep spawning at random places and you need to be swift enough to kill them all. This mode is the hardest among all available modes. While killing the bad guys in random locations, most of the time we forget to track the reflection of our own bullet and quickly lose HP. So to master this mode, you need to check the trajectory of the bullet and quickly kill all the bad guys.

Bullet Master Hostages

In this mode, with all the bad guys there will a civilian which you need to rescue. Make sure your bullet doesn’t touch the civilian else you have to retry the stages. This mode will unlock once you complete 100 stages in normal mode. There is a total of 240 stages available for you complete and more will be added.

Bullet Master Bombs

This mode will unlock once you complete 200 stages in normal mode. In this mode, instead of a gun, your character will be throwing bombs on bad guys that detonates in 3 seconds. In some stages, you have to reflect the bombs on the walls to reach till the bad guys and blow them. There is a total of 120 stages you can play in this mode and will be available. Bombs have a certain radius of blast damage that you can use to your advantage.

Bullet Master Skins And How To Unlock Them

Skins in this game can be purchased using cash. You get cash when you complete a stage. The amount of cash rewarded after completing a stage depends on the stars you get. If you waste all your bullets and lose Hp, you won’t get any cash. But if you complete the stage Like A Boss with 3 stars, you will a lot of cash. You can unlock these skins by tapping on the skin icon at the main home game screen. Currently, there are 14 extra skins available for you to purchase. So make sure to complete all the stages in 3 stars to unlock all the skins as fast as possible. You can always retry the same stage as many times you want to complete it with 3 stars.

Bullet Master Tips

Check For Golden Bullets

When you see at the top of the game screen, you can check your health bar and the number of bullets available to kill the bad guys. You might find some golden bullets and wonder what those are for. If you complete a stage only by using your golden bullet, you will get 3 stars and complete the stage like a boss. Completing a stage with 3 stars gives you maximum cash.

Retry For 3 Stars

If you think that the stage is easy or after trying for 2-3 times you complete them with 1 or 2 stars. You need to play those stages again and complete them with 3 stars to get more cash. Cash is used to unlock different skins for your character and make them more badass.

Check Your Surroundings

Always check your surroundings before starting to shoot. You may find a nice spot in the stage from where all the enemies could be killed with just golden bullets. To get 3 stars you need to focus on walls and other objects too to quickly kill all the enemies.

Collect Free Diamonds

Diamonds are used in this game to skip stages. Diamonds are the premium currency that you need to buy them using real money. You can visit the game store, watch an Ad and collect your free diamond. Keep Collecting these diamonds because at some point of the game you might get stuck in a stage and could skip it easily. Tap on the + icon beside your cash at the main home game screen to visit the store.

Disable Ads Without Paying

Well, Ads are the main source of income for any developer of the mobile game, and we strictly recommend our users to watch Ads once a while to support the game developer. But as this is an offline game and while playing for too long, you might get some long Ads that you can’t skip. Sometimes it gets frustrating watching the same Ad multiple times. You can switch off your Wifi and mobile internet before playing this game and you won’t have to see Ad again.

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