BTS World Upgrade Card, Get DNA, Change Profile Picture & Tips

BTS World

BTS WorldBTS World is a casual game developed by Netmarble. The game is available in both platform Android and iOS. You can download the Android file HERE and iOS file HERE. In this game, you have traveled back in time to 2012 and is the new manager of the BTS group. You need to bring the group together and manage all the miscellaneous activity. The game lets you feel as if you are an actual manager with the text and call feature from the members.

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In this post of BTS World, we will show you some key features of the game such as how to get cards, upgrade them, get upgrade stones, DNA, change your profile picture, and tips

Note: The game doesn’t let us take any screenshot and due to this reason we couldn’t post any.

BTS World-How To Get Card

There is a total of 5 tier of cards in this game and they are represented by the stars. The more the number of stars, the higher the tier of the card. You can get a card by using gold or gems. With gems, you can draw 3-5 star cards and with gold, you get 1-3 stars card. You can also draw these 3-5 and 1-3 star cards once for free in a day.

BTS World-How To Get Upgrade Stones

Upgrade stones are used to upgrade your cards and increase their maximum level capacity. Each member has its own type of stone that is used to upgrade only a particular kind of card. These upgrade stones can be bought using DNA. You will get DNA in exchange for duplicate cards. You can check the number of cards that you have of a particular kind at the top left corner of the screen by selecting the card. Some of these upgrade stones can also be claimed as an achievement reward for leveling up that card to a certain level.

BTS World-How To Upgrade Cards

You can upgrade only 3-5 stars cards. What does upgrade do? With each card, the maximum level they can reach is 30. Upgrading a card will increase the maximum level capacity to 50, thus granting more stats to that card with the help of which you can easily complete all the mission with 3 stars.

You can upgrade your card once they reach level 30. To reach level 30, you will need a lot of flowers, so make sure to save up as many wings you can in this game. If you have any duplicate card, you can select that card and open up the exchange menu at the right side of the game screen and exchange them to get upgrade stones.

BTS World – Craft Cards

You can craft cards in this game by playing the side story of each member. You can play them by tapping on the arrow mark at the left side of the game screen. Playing these side mission will grant you with random card pieces. You can collect these pieces to craft card of the particular member. By playing these side mission you also get other rewards such as gold, recuperate, gems and much more.

BTS World- How To Change Profile Picture

To change the profile picture in this game, you need to have at least 1 card. You can go to the manage card section and select any card. You need to tap on the card again to open it in full screen. Download the high-quality version of that card and tap at the top right corner of the screen on the face icon beside the bin icon.

BTS World- Tips

Don’t Upgrade Low Tier Card

You only require 1-3 star cards for the starting missions. As you keep progressing chapter, the score required to complete the mission will be too high. So you need to collect 4-5 star cards from the free draw and level up them. If you waste all your flower in low tier cards, later you will face difficulty in completing the missions as they can be upgraded beyond level 30.

Use Wings To Grind Flowers

In the higher stages, you will require a high level of cards to complete the mission. You need to meet the required score in order to complete them and the only way to increase your score by collecting flower and leveling up your cards. You can follow this POST in order to save a lot of wings. You can auto-complete a previously completed mission 5 times instantly using your wings. Follow this method to keep collecting wings and leveling up your cards.

Increase Agency Stats

Your agency stats matter the same as your cards in the later game. You need to finish your daily schedules and upgrade the stats level.  The agency stats are added in every mission at the end which gives you a little boost in getting those 3 stars.  But while doing the agency tasks sometimes the members can go tired. You need to refresh them up with Recuperate. Each member has it’s own Recuperate and you get these by completing missions.

Claim All Rewards

There are various mini-quests present in the game such as play a BTS story 5 times, upgrade a member card and much more. By completing these quests, you get a lot of Exp, gold, gems, wings and much more. At the top of the main game home screen, you can see a few icons. You can claim all your rewards by visiting these icons.

Draw Free Card Everyday

Free cards can be drawn every day once. If you are lucky you might get a 5-star card. If you are new to this game, we recommend you to progress this game slowly. Use your wings to collect the flower, don’t just rush the main story. Collect these free cards every day so that you have at least a few 4-5 stars cards. Then only upgrade these 4-5 stars cards to so that you won’t face problem in higher stages.

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