Brown Dust Tips, Strategies, Rank Up And Combine Mercenaries Guide

Brown Dust

Brown Dust

Brown Dust is a turn-based RPG game with top-notch anime outlines. The game includes more than 300 characters and various combining features. There is an alternate class for characters, for example, Warriors, Defenders, Magicians, and Supports.

You have to make a group to strike down your enemies, and it will better to get a high-level hero at the beginning of the game. The difficult part of the game is to analyze your enemy and place your units accordingly to make a good formation.

The game has various modes for example campaign, PvP, guild and challenges mode. In this guide I will talk about various tips, Strategies, ranking up your mercenary and how to combine them.

Brown Dust Basic Guide

At the beginning of the game, players have to unlock a few mercenaries and battle the enemies. The game has a basic tutorial, but it’s not enough to fully understand the aspects of the game. In this game, you have to learn all the classes of the mercenary to analyze your enemy and make the right formation to win the battle.

Brown Dust Battle Guide

You start the battle with having three lanes to deploy your mercenaries. The first step is to select the correct mercenary and place them on the board, for example, Defenders should be placed at the front while supports should be placed at the back.

To place a mercenary on the battlefield, tap on deploy, select the mercenary or drag them to the battlefield. Different mercenary has different deploy cost, so make sure you check the maximum cost at the top of the screen. After reaching the maximum cost, you cannot deploy any more mercenary on the battlefield

Attack Order

Attack Order is a very important feature of this game which you need to master in order to defeat high-level enemies. Tap on the attack order at the bottom-left corner of the screen to check your mercenaries attack order.

You can even reset the Attack Order by tapping on reset order. Then select the attack order of your mercenary by tapping on them one by one. You should let the warriors or magicians attack first to deal maximum damage. But in some cases, you should let the defenders go first to make use of their special ability.

You can see some abbreviations beside your mercenary portrait which are:

  • 1R means that the mercenary attacks enemies every round
  • 2R means that the mercenary attacks enemies once in every 2 round
  • First means the mercenary will attack the target in front of them
  • Last means the mercenary will target the last enemy
  • Skip means the mercenary will attack the enemy which is one block over
  • Next Unit means the mercenary will target the next enemy of the first target.

Random means the mercenary will choose a random enemy on the battlefield to strike

Set Effect

Using three compatible mercenaries together will activate a special effect. You can know about the compatibility about each mercenary by visiting lobby, mercenary, select a mercenary and visit the last tab called set effect. You can check the compatible units for every mercenary.

How To Get Mercenaries

Brown Dust feature more than 300  mercenaries. Not all the mercenaries are strong. Check out our post on how to get 5-star mercenary.

How To Rank Up Your Mercenaries And Make Them Stronger

There is a lot of ways to make your mercenaries stronger. Below are some of the ways briefly explained:

Leveling up or Rank Up

You can rank up your mercenary by adding him to your team and defeating enemies. When you win a battle, a huge amount of EXP is awarded to you.

You can also use slime to rank up your mercenary. Slime can be obtained from the campaign mode, dungeon or missions. To use slime, go to the mercenary tab, select the mercenary, level up and use slime or another low level mercenary. To rank up your mercenary you need to achieve the maximum level of that rank.

Level Up Your Skills

In this game, every character has unique skills or ability which can be upgraded by using the skill book or duplicate characters. You can obtain a skill book from the missions or events or from the normal shop.

To use skill book, go to the mercenary menu, select a mercenary, visit skill up the tab and select the skill book or same character.


Rune provides stats to your mercenary. You can obtain rune pieces from the challenge mode. To summon a rune you need to visit the rune tab beside the mercenary tab, tap on the rune piece tab and select the rune to summon. Rune can be upgraded to grand more power to your character. You can even rank up your runes to develop it further.

Soul Gears

Soul gear gives strengthen your mercenary. Different gear provides different stats to mercenary. You can obtain soul gear from the soul shop, you can buy them by spending ancient coins, gold, soul pieces.

To equip a soul gear, visit the mercenary tab, select a mercenary, tap on soul gear and then equip it.


You can awaken a unit by using crystals or gold. Crystals can be obtained through completing the challenge mode( crystal cave) or from mission, quests, and events.

Brown Dust Tips And Strategies
Farming resource

To make your mercenaries stronger, you need all type of resource available in the game. You can obtain resource by:

  • Gold can be obtained from Campaign battle, event dungeon, sell mercenaries or rune.
  • Runes can be obtained from challenge mode(rune temple).
  • Crystals can be obtained from challenge mode(crystal cave)
  • Slime can be obtained from missions, quests, events, campaign, challenge mode(slime forest).
  • Soul gear can be obtained from co-op raid.
  • Honor coins can be obtained from the arena.
  • Diamonds can be obtained from the quest, missions, first- time rewards.
  • Ancient coins can be obtained from the arena.
  • Skill books can be obtained from honor shop, quests, missions, event, trading post
Gather High Tier Mercenaries

Check out our post on how to get high tier mercenary.

Create A Balance Team

To win all the battles with the enemy, you need to create a balanced team which consists of all classes. Defenders to tank the damage, Warriors and Magicians to deal damage, and Supporters to support your ally.

Make sure to read all your character skills to know about your opponent moves and have an upper hand over the battle.

Set all your attack orders correctly to deal maximum damage to the enemy.

Repeat Battles

You can repeat the battles which you have already won to gather resources which will help you in upgrading your mercenaries

Complete All Missions

Sometimes there are good rewards events or quests available in the game. So make sure to keep a tab on all the mission, quests and events to claim free resources


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