Breaking Bad Criminal Elements Guide, Tips, Walkthrough & Much More

Breaking Bad Criminal Elements is an online strategy game developed by FTX Games LTD. The game is available in both platform Android and iOS. You can download the Android APK from HERE and iOS file from HERESo most of the people have watched this TV series and those who have don’t, let me give you a brief on what this game is about.

In Breaking Bad Criminal Elements, you need to cook white glass, take contracts and complete them. You have to build your territory and protect your headquarter. There are various other features that you need to unlock and have an insight to which we will cover in this post, to help you cook better and make a name around the city.

Breaking Bad Guide

The game lets you be Heisenberg and build your empire but for that, you need to first make a name for yourself by completing contracts. You can complete a contract in this game by producing white glass in your lab and selling them. So the most important resource in this game is money and brick at the beginning of the game. You also need to defend your turf from other players and capture enemy Chempound.

To defend your Chempound, you need to build a defensive force that you can buy from the store. Headquarter is the main building in your Chempound. Upgrading Headquarter will unlock various other buildings and features. We have invested a quite good amount of time in composing some good tips for this game which we have mentioned at the bottom of the page, do give it a quick look to ease your gameplay.

Make sure to upgrade your cash storage and brick storage as from some contracts you get a huge reward and it might exceed your limit. So before claiming the rewards, completely use all your resources.

Note: You can only unlock daily mission, training, and weekly mission after completing all the activity quest. The last quest in which we were struck was collecting revenue from the city hall, but there was no option to collect it and after 4 hours the money was showing automatically in the city hall. After collecting the money, our daily, weekly quest and training got unlocked.

Breaking Bad Criminal Elements Combat

In this game, there will be a fight for control over the turf. The more turf you own, the more money you generate per hour.  You can participate in a battle when you unlock a new area, or some other players capture your turf. To win the fight, you need to destroy the enemy van. Once the van is destroyed you will win the battle no matter how many enemy units remain. Starting a fight with the enemy will cost you some money, so we recommend you to always scout your enemy before attacking. If you lose a battle from the enemy, your specialist will take some time to recover but your mercenaries will die. You need to recruit them again using the money for the next battle.

During a battle, you can command your specialist to eliminate the stronger enemy first. To command your specialist, tap on their icon at the bottom left corner of the screen and then on the enemy unit you want to kill. You can mark the pathway for your specialist to save them from mines. Tap on the specialist icon and then on the battlefield for the specialist to follow your command. Commanding the specialist cost’s 3 energy. There are also some gadgets that you can use during the battle that you can see at the bottom right corner of the game screen. To use gadgets you need energy and each time you use a gadget, the cost of energy increases. You can collect energy during a battle by destroying enemy buildings such as watcher, cash storage, defense, and resource buildings.

Breaking Bad Criminal Elements Specialists

In this game, a specialist is your team member, that helps your business grow either by increasing cash reward for completing contracts, defend your Chempound or attack and take control of turf from enemies. You can unlock these specialists from the store. In the store, go to the specialist menu and phone to recruit a specialist. There are 4 types of phones available in the store which are:

Basic Phone- Chance to recruit a rank 1 specialist. Need 2000 silver sim card to call.

Premium Phone- Chance to recruit a rank 1-3 specialist. Need 2000 green sim card to call.

Elite Phone- Chance to recruit a rank 2-5 specialist. Need 500 gold coins to call.

Free Phone- Contains specialist upgradable items or sim cards. Refresh in 1 hour.

A specialist is also used to defend your Chempound. To assign a specialist to your Chempound. Tap on the card three card icon above the store icon at the bottom left corner of the game screen. Select the specialist and tap on use at the bottom right corner of the screen. To use your specialist in combat, you need to make camp in your Chempound. To use your specialist as attacker select the camp, tap on the yellow human icon and assign a specialist. You can also recruit some members for your specialist that will help them in combat. The list of members available to recruit in this game are:

Marauder- Ready to rush in the fight, they are swift but falls quickly.

Heavy- They act as a tank and can take a lot of damage.

Cannoneer- Shoots rocket launcher and deals heavy damage to enemy units.

Stalker- Creep into a fight slashing their way in and cause major havoc.

ATV- Mercenaries with ATV vehicle that has a machine gun attached to it speed into the fight and cause some serious damage.

You can upgrade your specialist in the Saul Goodman & Associates facility. To level up your specialist you need snacks. To rank up a specialist you need to collect items like a work shirt, cooking apron, cooking equipment, fanny pack and much more. You can collect these items from the free phone or by attacking enemy Chempound.

Breaking Bad Criminal Elements Map And Facilities

You can access the map at the bottom right corner of the game screen. There you can see where you Chempound is located and what all facilities are available. You need to unlock more areas using money. After unlocking each area, you have to clear out enemy Chempound. After you clear out enemy Chempound, you will own that turf and the more turf you own, the more cash will be generated per hour from the city hall. Sometimes some other player also attacks your Chempound and take control of your turf, you need to defeat them to claim back your turf and rating point. For each turf you lose, you lose 1 rating point. The list of facilities available are:

City Hall- Money is generated per hour for the number of turfs you own. By completing the contract you earn some reputation and by gathering enough reputation for yourself, you unlock some potential contract.

Saul Goodman & Associates- Saul Goodman invested in your business and is a partner of yours, in this facility you can level up your specialist, upgrade their rank, ability, and talent. For each upgrade you need to invest money, so make sure to earn and collect as much money as you can.

Video Store- In this facility, you can watch a video and claim rewards such as gold, money or other items.

Car Wash- In this facility, you convert all your dirty money into, gold, sim cards or other upgradable items.

Breaking Bad Criminal Elements Store

You can access the store in Breaking Bad by tapping the shop icon at the bottom right corner of the game screen. There you can access to your Chempound resources, defense buildings, lab equipment, specialist and gold coins. Not all of these features are unlocked from the starting, you need to keep upgrading headquarter to unlock all these features. Build these features as soon you upgrade headquarter to make your Chempound defense stronger, hold more resources, build better glass in the lab and much more.

Breaking Bad Criminal Elements Tips

Upgrade Lab Asap

The lab is the most important building in this game and so are it’s equipment. You make most of your money and collect bricks either by finishing a contract or winning combat. You can finish a contract only when you have sufficient resources. Once you progress further in the game, the requirement for money and bricks will increase. So make to upgrade all the equipment in your lab to produce maximum resources and sell them.

Spend All Dirty Money

You earn dirty money in this game by fulfilling contracts or attacking competitors. Not all contracts give you dirty money, only a few will as you are selling some illegal resources too. So you need to spend all your dirty money in some legit business so that you won’t get caught by the police. Police will raid every 24 hours for your dirty money, so spend all of them before the police arrive.

Upgrade Your Units And Gadgets

You can upgrade the units that you hire for your specialist while attacking the enemy Chempound. As we have already discussed during combat you can use certain gadgets that will benefit your specialist. You can upgrade these units and gadgets from the Body Shop.

Watch Ad To Reduce Building Time

Upgrading your building takes some time, the higher the level of the building, the more time it’s going to take to finish the construction. While upgrading some of these building, you will see a blue play icon. If you tap on that icon, you have to watch an Ad and your construction time will be reduced.

Don’t Forget To Charge Generator

The generator is used inside your lab to produce white glass. The white glass is then transferred to the white glass tank and by using white glass tank you make white glass. If you tap on the generator, it will be charged and fill your white glass tank at 2x speed. The charging effect will last for 1 hour. You can also charge it again by tapping on it even if the charge time is not over. By charging it again the timer goes back to maximum and you will again have 1 hour to produce at 2x speed.

Save Gold Coins

Gold Coins are the premium currency in this game. You can only get gold coins by purchasing, completing the achievement or from the car wash. Don’t waste all your gold coins from the starting of the game. You might require some of it later in the game as your progress further. If you have 15 min left for the construction of the building and have to quit the game urgently within 5 minutes to do some important work, at that time you can use your gold coins to quickly complete the construction and start a new one.

Complete Activity Quest

You complete all your activity quest by tapping on the phone icon at the left top corner of the game screen. There you just need to tap on the quests and it will show you how to complete it. Once you complete these quests, you will receive huge rewards in terms of brick and cash. You can check your lab and contract status on the phone. If the status is Idle, you will see a “zzz” sign on it.

Claim Achievement Rewards

You can claim your achievement reward by tapping on the exclamation sign at the top right corner of the game screen. There are various quests like upgrade headquarters to level 10, clear 50 obstacles, complete 5 upgrades at the body shop and much more. By completing these quests, you will get gold coins as rewards.

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