BOWMAX Guide, Gear Upgrade, Crown Feature, Tips And Much More


BOWMAX is an action 3 vs 3 shooting game developed by PNIX. The game is available in both platform Android and iOS. You can download the Android APK file from HERE and iOS file from HERE.  The game starts in a western map, where you team up with your 2 allies and battle against 3 opponents. All to need to have is better control over your weapon to easily win the game. The game has various gears that you can assign to your character to make him stronger. The game features a unique playable technique as you need to give a minimum entry fee of 300 gold to play a match. But don’t worry gold is pretty easy to get in this game.

In this post of BOWMAX, we will show you the game guide, brief about the gears, how to get gold and diamonds, tips and much more.


In BOWMAX, you need to kill your opponent to gain points and the team with maximum points at the end of the match will be the winner. You can kill your opponents only after destroying their gear and vehicle. Try to aim for headshots to deal maximum damage. If you want to see your opponent do a wheelie, try to destroy his front wheel when he is riding an ATV. There are 5 arena’s in this game which you need to unlock by collecting trophies.

Once you have collected the required amount of trophies, the next arena will be unlocked. After each match, you will earn a box depending on which arena you are playing. There are 4 slots in which you can place the box and if all slots a filled you won’t get any more boxes. You will get golds, gear, and weapon cards from the boxes. You can also open some free boxes once in a while in the game. To make your player stronger, upgrade your gears and equip them.

Crown Feature has been recently added in BOWMAX and a lot of people are complaining about this feature. This feature lasts for the last few seconds at the end of the match and if you kill your opponent, then you can steal all their kills and points. If any opponent kills you or your allies during that time duration then they will steal your kills and points. These are called the crown points which can change the momentum of the game in just 10 seconds.


There is a total of 10 leagues in this game. You can increase your league by collecting the prize money through winning matches. Each league provides different bonus unlock rate of the chest. The tier of the league are:

  • Beginner
  • Student- Win Chest Unlocks 1% Faster.
  • Amateur- Win Chest Unlocks 2% Faster.
  • Semi-Pro- Win Chest Unlocks 3% Faster.
  • Pro- Win Chest Unlocks 4% Faster.
  • Veteran- Win Chest Unlocks 5% Faster.
  • Expert- Win Chest Unlocks 6% Faster.
  • Master- Win Chest Unlocks 7% Faster.
  • Grandmaster- Win Chest Unlocks 8.5% Faster.
  • Champion- Win Chest Unlocks 10% Faster.

BOWMAX Gears & Vehicle

There are various gears in this game that you can equip your player to make him stronger and deal more damage. You can get these gears from the trophy journey or by unlocking a chest. The chest can be unlocked from the main home game screen and require some time. Chest and trophy both can be earned by winning matches. Tap on your trophy icon beside your name at the top of the game screen and claim your trophy journey rewards.

You can upgrade your gears if you get same cards from the chest. Once you collect enough cards of that gear, tap on the car icon at the bottom of the screen, select the gear and tap on upgrade. Upgrading a gear will cost you certain gear, so upgrade only the gears that you will use in a match. You can check the stats of each weapon simply by tapping on them. Once you tap on them, you can see your equipped item stats and gear that you want to check. You can compare the stats between 2 gears and choose the best one.

Below is a list of all gears available in the game and the location of the arena where it can be found.


  • Jeep- Arena 1
  • ATV- Arena 1
  • Yellow Sports Car- Arena 2
  • Buggy Car- Arena 2
  • Police Car- Trophy Journey
  • Blue Sports Car- Arena 3
  • Motorcycle- Arena 3
  • Dino- Arena 3
  • Red Sports Car- Arena 4
  • Monster-X- Arena 4
  • Chopper- Arena 5


  • Spiked Helmet- Arena 1
  • Indian Headdress- Arena 1
  • Cowboy Hat- Arena 1
  • Heavy Helmet- Arena 2
  • Police Hat- Arena 2
  • Steel Helmet- Arena 2
  • Gas Mask- Arena 3
  • Fireman Helmet- Arena 3
  • Diving Helmet- Arena 4
  • Roman Helmet- Arena 4
  • Viking Helmet- Arena 5
  • Astronaut Helmet- Arena 5


  • Basic Armor- Arena 1
  • Indian Suit- Arena 1
  • Cowboy Suit- Arena 1
  • Rugby Uniform- Arena 2
  • Police Armor- Arena 2
  • Bulletproof Vest- Arena 2
  • Steampunk Armor- Arena 3
  • Fireman Suit- Arena 3
  • Diving Suit- Arena 4
  • Roman Armor- Arena 4
  • Viking Armor- Arena 5
  • Space Suit – Arena 5


  • Wood Shield- Arena 1
  • Indian Shield- Arena 1
  • Cowboy Shield- Arena 1
  • Bulletproof Shield- Arena 2
  • Police Shield- Arena 2
  • Steel Shield- Arena 2
  • Brass Shield- Arena 3
  • Flame Shield- Arena 3
  • Circular Shield- Arena 4
  • Roman Shield- Arena 4
  • Viking Shield- Arena 5
  • Space Shield- Arena 5


  • Crossbow- Arena 1
  • Handaxe- Arena 1
  • Shotgun- Arena 1
  • Rifle- Trophy Journey
  • 2-Shot Crossbow- Arena 2
  • Triple Bow- Arena 2
  • Baseball Bat- Arena 2
  • Revolver- Arena 2
  • Harpoon- Arena 2
  • 3-Shot Crossbow- Arena 3
  • Flamethrower- Arena 3
  • Spring Punch- Arena 3
  • Bow- Arena 3
  • Thunder Hammer- Arena 3
  • Twinbow- Arena 4
  • Gauntlet– Arena 4
  • Minigun- Arena 4
  • Flail- Arena 5
  • Photon Cannon- Arena 5

Throwing Weapon

  • Grenade- Arena 1
  • Tomato Grenade- Arena 2
  • Rocket Launcher- You have to buy this weapon that cost 40 diamond for 10  rockets and 400 diamonds for 50.
  • Oil Grenade- Arena 3
  • Medium Grenade- Arena 3
  • Large Grenade- Arena 4


Dodge Enemy Attacks

Most of the time while busy in attacking opponent we forget about the defense which is also a crucial part of the fight. You can move your vehicle front or back by tapping on the buttons at the bottom of the screen. You can use this feature once and then have to wait for a few seconds to re-use it.

Destroy Boxes To Boost Stats

While in between the battle, you can see many boxes flying around with parachute. If you shoot these boxes, you and your allies will get some stats to boost or your HP will be recovered. These boosts will give you an upper hand in the battle over your opponents. So aim quickly on the boxes and collect all the power-ups before your opponent do.

Help Your Allies

If your ally vehicle is destroyed, you will see a help icon, tap and hold the button in order to fill the help gauge meter. Helping your allies will recover some of their HP and won’t die, so that your opponent doesn’t point so easily.

Save Coins And Diamonds

Coins can be used on upgrading your gear or participating in a match. Don’t aimlessly spend all your coins, as then you have to wait for free coins to take part in a match. Upgrade only those gears that you really need and grind hard on Arena 1 before proceeding to Arena 2

Diamonds are used to buy chest or gears from the shop. The gears list are refreshed every day, so save up your diamonds to collect the gears you really need. You can earn diamonds by collecting trophies and claim rewards from the trophy journey.

Complete Daily Mission

There are various daily missions which you will get every day like play a standard game 4 times, open supply boxes and many more. Upon completing these quests you will earn gold. Tap on the coin icon at the top left corner of the screen below your profile name and collect your rewards.

Spin The Wheel

You can spin the wheel for free every day by visiting the freewheel menu. Tap on the freewheel menu at the top left corner of the screen and spin the wheel. You can also take part in the premium wheel to earn rare rewards.  To spin a premium wheel you will need 100 diamonds. Some of the premium rewards are Fireman suit, helmet, 11000 gold and much more.

Watch Ad To Earn Gold

If you are out of gold and can’t take part in a match don’t worry. You can watch an Ad by tapping on “Free Gift” on the right side of the game screen and earn your free golds. You can claim these free gold 9 times a day. For the first 8 Ads, you will earn gold while after 9th Ad you will earn Arena 2 Box.

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