Boss Life 3D Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Tricks

Boss Life 3D is a fun game developed by Alictus. In this game you have to play a role of boss. But as a boss, you have to be the most malicious boss ever. You will need to manage your office members. There are lots of fun activities involved in the game. The game itself has got a lot of levels in the game. Most of the activities involved are very easy. So, anyone can easily relax while playing. As the office life gets boring, you as a boss need to make the environment lively. Let’s take a look on what things you can do in the game.

Hire or Fire Employees

Boss Life 3D

You can always hire new employees as per your requirements. The resume will be presented to you with all the stats. Some maybe good and some may be bad. So it depends on you who you got to hire. Although sometimes you will need to fire employees too. Some employees will be a nuisance to the work environment. So, you need to decide which employees to fire and which ones to keep.

Play Pranks on Employees

Yes, you can play pranks on employees in this game. Throw water on employees without making sounds or annoy the employee by throwing paper on them. Choice is yours. You can have fun by annoying all the employees. It’s very funny to execute in the game. Certainly, its very important to have fun as good boss. In short, I hope you get the sarcasm.

Steal Food or Make Coffee for yourself

Most importantly its feasible to take care of yourself in the game. In a certain level, you will need to make a coffee for yourself. Make sure you don’t make a complete mess of yourself. So, be careful. After that, in a certain level you will also need to sneak munchies in front of your secretary. Certainly be quick on sneaking on the cookies.

Spin the Wheel to get Rewards

After completing certain levels, you will get to spin the wheel. So when you spin the wheel, you will get rewards. After that you can spin it for another time by watching an ad. You can also score some rare cosmetics and members in the game by watching an ad after levels.

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Game Link: Boss Life 3D (Android)

Game Link: Boss Life 3D (iOS)

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