Beatstar Beginner’s Guide: How to score high and perfect

Beatstar is a musical rhythm game. You need to perfectly to pick up the notes that come in the screen. You can have different types of music in the game. From chart hits to blockbusters , all kind of tracks are available. There are different genres in the game. The game is best experienced in the headphones.

How to Play

The menu look like this. You can select the songs from the songs tab and there are plenty of songs to play. You can also collect points and unlock the rewards as you can see on the left bottom. In this pic, I have selected Blinding Lights by The Weeknd. It is a dope song. You can choose from different songs. After the game starts, it looks like this

You have top tapĀ  on the bottom area to capture the beats. Although you need to perfectly catch the beats inside that rectangle area else you will lose the streak. If you lose the streak, the multiplier is reset. In order to get the max points, you need to complete it without missing a beat. The game has five stages. Each stage gets faster and more consecutive and difficult beats. If you have fast hands and fast reflex, you can easily score points.


There are different genres in the game.

  1. Latest Hits
  2. Electronic
  3. Rock
  4. Alternative
  5. Hip-Hop
  6. Pop



As you progress to personal levels, then you can unlock more songs and points. The diamonds are the in-game credits to speed up unlocks and unlock new songs.



You can also check the leaderboard in the game. You can also check the music library for daily random songs. Beatstars events are available at 135 stars. If you connect your account with SuperCell ID, then you can unlock a random song. Check your personal stats from your username tag in the top.

If you like the game, then support the developers

Beatstar Advance Guide

Game Link: Beatstar (Android)

Game Link: Beatstar (iOS)




2 Comments on “Beatstar Beginner’s Guide: How to score high and perfect”

  1. This game. Is just great. Like it a lot. But there is this one guy that has on normal mode 50k average score, hard 75k and extreme 100k. He has 70 daimond. How? Or mods or just pro. Nvr mind, this game sheesh. Am lvl 9 almost and have no daimond. Need 2 points to get daimond but i failed to get 1 perfect+ . Ty for this game.

    1. Well there is a certain bug in the game that I figured out. I think some people are exploiting it to their advantage.

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