Beatstar Advance Guide: How to score perfect and identify beats

Beatstar is a musical rhythmic game where you have to pick the incoming beats. There are various songs available in the playlist to try. The game tries to collect data to personalize the playlist. It might ask your year of birth and such. Favorite genre question might also pop up. It is really fascinating to see that most of the know and popular songs are available to play. Each song has 5 stages. The final stage is little challenging than the rest. So keep your fingers ready and fast. We hope you read the beginner’s guide on Beatstar. If not, then kindly check here

Beatstar Beginner’s Guide and Explanation

Let’s look at the advance guide and learn some new stuff about the game and what other things you can do in the game


Advance Beats and Patterns

You will get regular beats while the song starts. As you further advance in the stages, you will notice in the increase of difficulty. The incoming beats are particularly faster. The gap between them is also close and shorter. To pick up these you have to be quick with your fingers and judge the timing. In certain songs, you will get incoming beats shown with an arrow mark like in the picture


In such cases you will have to swipe the beat in the displayed direction when its inside the pick area. You can get up, down, left, right direction. It can get really difficult if you forget to swipe. The game will end if you miss the swipe. Sometimes the swipe is attached to the ending of a long note. So keep an eye out for that. The number of directional beats increase more in the difficult songs and final stages. You will need to be consistent in order to excel in the game

High Score Medals


Mastery Medals are awarded when you exceed your score from 5 star score. In this certain scenario you will be awarded

  1. Diamond Medal – 49500 points
  2. Platinum Medal – 49000 points
  3. Gold Medal – 48500 points

5 star occurs at 48000 points. Basically if you are very good at the game then you will have to pick the beats Perfect or Perfect+ . Perfect notes occur when most of the beat is picked inside the rectangle. Perfect+ occurs when you pick the beat perfectly inside the rectangle. It is fairly difficult to do this unless you are a bot!, haha. But you can always try your skills and go for the diamond medal.

Difficulty of Songs


Most of the songs are of normal category. You can see the songs are very easy in this segment. Although, some of the songs come under category of Hard and Extreme. Hard songs are denoted by a Yellow Flame badge. Extreme songs are denoted by Red Flame badge. Extreme songs are the hardest to play with successive beats, multiple short beats, directional beats. The song is very fast paced from the very beginning. You can play hard songs with little ease when you are experienced enough. All the best with extreme songs

Wishlist Box


Wishlist box are unlocked at level 3. In the song playlist you can like the songs are it will be added to the Wishlist. When a Wishlist box pops up, you will be rewarded with a random songs among your selections. At best you can select 6 songs in your Wishlist. But its really good option to let you unlock a song that you happen to like and would want to play. Choose your songs that you want to play the most and try your luck out

Game Link: Beatstar (Android)

Game Link: Beatstar (iOS)

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