Beatstar Advance Guide 2: High Score and Perfect Beat Taps

Beatstar is a musical rhythmic game where you have to pick the incoming beats. If you pick the beats, then the song will play perfectly. If you lose a beat or hit the beat too soon, then you will lose streak. Missing a beat will cause the game to end. But, worry not as you can continue your mistake by expending gems. Gems are the premium currency in the game. There are lots of songs to play in different genres. You can also get songs by expending gems on the store. You also get free daily gems.

Beatstar Beginner’s Guide

Beatstar Advance Guide

Learn Timing with Consecutive Beats

In some of the songs, the gap between consecutive beats will be very less or not all. You will need to learn the timing on when to tap perfectly. There is a change that you might tap early or late. This will result in a streak break and less points. Several arrangements have different types. This also depends on the stage and speed. If the speed is more, then you will have to be more careful with it.

Hold Long Beats till the end

In some cases, the beats are a long extension. You will have to hold the beat until it ends. If you leave the beat and not hold, then you will lose the points. If there is an approaching beat whilst holding, try to tap the beat with other fingers. Incase, the hold beat is present in the middle lane, then be wary about single beats in either of the left or right lane. Make sure all the beats are in the Perfect+ zone or else you might not get the medal.

Watch out for Short Beats



Apart from the regular beats, you will also find short beats. Short beats are approximately half the size of regular beats. These are mostly consecutive and you might need to tap faster in order to pick all. You can get used to it once you play and replay songs. Mostly, these kinds of beats will be found of hard or extreme songs. They aren’t difficult as expected but can overwhelm your rhythm while playing.

Game Link: Beatstar (Android)

Game Link: Beatstar (iOS)

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