Battlefield Mobile: Early Access and How to Download

Battlefield Mobile is the newest addition to the Battlefield franchise by Electronic Arts. Currently Battlefield Mobile is available on Playstore for pre-registration. Although, you should consider yourself lucky if you belong from the SEA region. There is a way you can access the game and play the game. But, the game right now is for trial and still is under development. Alpha and Beta testers are testing the game out for bugs. The game might be rolled out around the end of 2021. It will beĀ  very exciting game as we have seen it in the PC and consoles. In this post you will learn how to download and what you need to do in order to play the game

Step 1 : Download TapTap

To download TapTap, goto this link

Download the apk from the link. Install the app. You might get the trusted sources notification. Enable it and install the app. After that you can open the app. You can also register or login if you have an account already. It is advised to create a TapTap account in order to keep track of your downloads and certain games are exclusive to TapTap. In order to play these games, you might need a TapTap account.

Step 2: Search Battlefield Mobile

You can find the search bar at the top. Go there and type “Battlefield Mobile. Once you type it, you will find two option. One of the main version you can pre-register it. So that you will be one of the few users who will be able to play when it will be available globally.

Battlefield Mobile

Another game you will see its written “TEST SEA” inside a small box beside the name of game. You will also see a try button beside it. That means you can download this game and play it. Tap the try button and let it download. The size of file is like 90 MB

Battlefield Mobile

After you download the game you will be prompted to download additional 460MB of game file. Make sure you are connected to WIFI before you download. After the download, you will be prompted to use a sign-in method. You can choose either of these methods

  • Guest Sign-in
  • Google Play Sign-in
  • EA Account Sign-in

If you have an EA account it is recommended to use that method. You can also use Google Play to sign-in. If you play as a guest, its no issue either. The data will be saved in the device locally. But if you need to save the progress, it is recommended to use any on the sign-in methods.

Game Link: Battlefield Mobile (TEST SEA)

Game Link: Battlefield Mobile (Pre Global)

Its available in Playstore as we speak of but it might show an error stating that it’s not available on the region. Currently the alpha test server is available on SEA region(Philippines and Thailand). So it’s rather easier to download from TapTap.

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