Arena Of Evolution Red Tides Mobile Auto Chess Guide, Tips & Rank Tiers

Arena Of Evolution: Red Tides

Arena Of Evolution: Red Tides

Arena Of Evolution: Red Tides is a strategy card game developed by HERO Game. The game is now available in both Android and iOS App Store. You can download the Android APK file from HERE and iOS file from HERE. The game concept has been taken from the Dota 2 community game mode called “Auto Chess”. In this game, you have to select heroes, make synergy and deploy them over an 8×8 block field to battle the enemy. It an online multiplayer game, where you have to battle against 8 opponent.

There is a total of 53 heroes in Arena Of Evolution, where each hero belong to a specific class and by deploying same heroes class types, you create a synergy which gives a stats boost to your heroes. This game can be a little complex to those who are new to auto chess games, but we will try our best to simplify for you.

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In this guide, we will talk about basic guide of the game, upgrade heroes, list of all heroes, different class and their attributes, and much more.

Arena Of Evolution: Red Tides Guide

At the beginning of the game, you will start with 1 coin for which you can buy 1-star heroes. On the right side of the board, you can see the number of heroes you can deploy on the field. You can increase the capacity by upgrading your commander by spending 5 coins in exchange for 5 EXP. After each fight, you will earn some coins which depend on if you win or lose the battle.

The number of heroes you deploy on the field depends on your commander level. You can also upgrade your heroes if you have 3 same types of it. But only insectoid class heroes can be upgraded with 2 same types of heroes. We will discuss each class later on this post.

Upgrading the heroes will increase their level, stats, and power. You don’t need to remember all the class of the heroes, as after each battle while buying heroes, you can see their classes. Creating the best synergy with your heroes is most important in this game.

While battling with enemy sometimes you will get some items as drop, you can equip those items to your heroes to increase their stats and make them stronger. To collect items, tap on them as soon as they drop. During the battle, you can see the energy your heroes make at the left top corner of the game screen.

If you don’t want a certain low-level hero later in-game, you can sell them by selecting the hero and tapping on the left bin icon. After selling, you will get coins according to the level of that particular hero. If you get a hero while re-rolling but doesn’t have enough coins to buy it, you can lock the re-rolling option so that the next round you get the same choice of heroes. To lock your re-roll, open the hero shop by tapping on the cart icon at the right-bottom corner of the screen and there select the lock icon at the right side of the game screen.

Note- The most important tip of the game is that you always check out your opponent’s field and heroes. If all the players are using the same class or type of heroes, you will not get a lot to upgrade it to level 3. Similarly vice-versa, if most of the players are not using the hero, you can buy them and will get a lot during re-rolling and it will easier to make it level 3. In the picture, you can find the numbers at the top right corner of the hero portrait. There can be only that many time a hero is available to in store for all 8 players.

Arena Of Evolution: Red Tides Class Synergy

With having 2 or more same class type of heroes, you receive certain positive buff or enemies receive negative buffs which help you a lot in winning a battle. The list of the class are:

Blaster- With 3/6 Blaster all enemies have -15%/-40% ability damage resistance.

Marine- With 2/4/6 Marine class heroes on the field, the enemy will lose 3/6/9 armor.

Rider- With 2 Rider class heroes on-field enemies will have -5 energy regeneration.

Mech- With 2/4 Mech class heroes on the field, all mech will have +15/+35 HP regeneration.

Air Force- With 2/4 Air Force class heroes on the field, all friendly air units will have +15%/+35% evasion.

Puppet- With 2/4/6 Puppet class heroes on the field, all friendly puppets will have +10%/+15%/+20% damage boost.

Psyker- With 2/4 Psyker class heroes on the field, all allies reflect 20/30 damage when struck. With 2 Psyker on the field, all Psyker will reflect 25 damage back and with 4 Psyker on the field, all allies will reflect 25 damage back when attacked. (Updated)

Walker- It gets active only when you have 1 Walker class hero on the field and deals true damage to enemies.

Kraken- With 2/4 Kraken class heroes on the field, all friendly air units have -20%/-20% additional ability damage taken.

Beast- With 2 Beast class heroes on the field, all friendly beast will have +15% +10%. With 4/6 Beast class heroes on the field, all allies will have +20%/+30% +15%/+35% attack speed. (Updated)

Raptor- With 2/4 Raptor class heroes on the field, all friendly air units will receive +15%/+20%  +20%/+25% damage when against enemy land heroes. (Updated)

Insectoid-  With 2/4 Insectoid class heroes on the field, two insectoids of 1 star can be upgraded to 2-star and with 4 insectoids on the field, you can upgrade your 2-star insectoid to 3-star with only two of its type.

To level up a hero, you need 3 of its type but with the insectoid class, you can upgrade these heroes with 2 of its types. Means if you have 2 insectoid heroes deployed on the field. Then to upgrade them, you will need to buy 1 more of each of its type.

Immortal- With 2/3 Immortal class heroes on the field, upon dying they will continue to fight for 3/6 seconds. (Tip- If you using  any immortal class type, make sure you buy all 3 heroes.)

Panda- When you have all 3 types of Panda class heroes on the field, their energy will be 100 when the battle starts.

Arena Of Evolution: Red Tides All Heroes, Their Role And Class

There is a total of 53 heroes right now available in-game and we expect more to be coming soon. The list of heroes are:

Heroes – Role – Class
1 Coin Heroes
  • Keenedge (Attack, Nuker)- Puppet, Assassin.
  • Chanter (Support)- Psyker, Support
  • Hierophant (Nuker)- Psyker, Blaster
  • Sniper (Attack)- Marine, Longshot
  • Medic (Support)- Marine, Support
  • Ironbird Rider (Attack)- Rider, Longshot
  • Marauder (Controller)- Mech, Blaster
  • Oculus (Controller)- Insectoid, Specialist
  • Razorclaw (Attack, Nuker)- Beast, Assassin
  • Panda Monk (Tank)- Panda, Vanguard
  • Tusker (Tank)- Beast, Vanguard
2 Coin Heroes
  • ILLusionist (Summon)- Psyker, Puppet, Summoner
  • Siren (Attack, Nuker)- Kraken, Assassin
  • Thunderer (Carry, Attack)- Psyker, Longshot
  • Vajra (Tank, Attack)- Walker, Guardian
  • Blademaster( Nuker)- Puppet, Vanguard
  • Skycrab (Nuker)- Kraken, Siegebreaker
  • Gorilla (Nuker)- Mech, Blaster
  • Dragon Breath( Nuker)- Marine, Vanguard
  • Paviser (Tank)- Marine, Guardian
  • Kamikaze (Nuker)- Insectoid, Blaster
  • Acidtooth (Tank)- Beast, Vanguard
  • Vinewarden (Controller)- Immortal, Specialist
3 Coin Heroes
  • Slasher (Attack)- Puppet, Vanguard
  • Electrocutioner (Nuker)- Kraken, Specialist
  • Arhat (Nuker)- Walker, Longshot
  • Catapult (Carry)- Mech, Siegebreaker
  • Outrider (Nuker)- Rider, Blaster
  • Dauntless (Nuker)- Air Force, Blaster
  • Engineer (Support)- Air Force, Supporter
  • Commando (Nuker)- Marine, Longshot
  • Mortus (Attack)-Air Force, Assassin
  • Dreadpaw (Tank, Summon)-  Beast, Summoner
  • Mindbreaker (Controller)- Insectoid, Specialist
  • Direwing (Nuker)- Raptor, Longshot
  • Skyclaw (Tank)- Raptor, Beast, Vanguard
  • Shuriken Panda (Nuker)- Panda, Assassin
  • Goldmane (Tank)- Beast, Guardian
  • Sunfire (Nuker)- Raptor, Blaster
4  Coin Heroes
  • Bulwark (Tank)- Puppet, Guardian
  • Tempest Keeper (Nuker, Crowd Controller)- Walker, Siegebreaker
  • Mantakor (Summon)- Kraken, Puppet, Summoner
  • Warbringer (Carry)- Puppet, Guardian
  • Grenadier (Crowd Controller)- Marine, Specialist
  • Sentinel (Attack)- Mech, Assassin
  • Cruiser (Nuker)- Air Force, Siegebreaker
  • Soulmentor (Support)- Beast, Supporter
  • Hive Queen (Nuker)- Insectoid, Longshot
  • Bonewyrm (Crowd Controller)- Raptor, Immortal, Siegebreaker
  • Chan Master (Nuker)- Panda, Specialist
5 Coin Heroes
  • Mirage Caller (Nuker)- Kraken, Siegebreaker
  • Hailstorm (Nuker)- Mech, Blaster
  • Devourer (Nuker, Controller)- Raptor, Specialist
  • Forest Ranger (Crowd Controller)- Immortal, Vanguard

Note- Each hero has their own ultimate ability which will be activated once their energy level reaches 100%. A hero can use their ultimate ability more than once if the cooldown period is over fast or you have equipped some items.

Arena Of Evolution: Rank Tier List

To increase your rank in this game, you have to play rank matches and come within the top 3. The default rank of yours will be bronze and as you keep winning and increasing rank, the rewards at the end of the season will also increase. The tier rankings are:

Bronze- In bronze there are 3 divisions.

Silver- In silver there are 3 divisions.

Gold- In gold there are 4 divisions.

Platinum- In platinum there are 5 divisions

Diamond- In diamond there are 5 divisions.

Supreme Commander- In supreme commander there is no division, if you keep winning, you will keep earning stars.

The game also has a season pass which is free for all users, but to upgrade it to gold pass you need to spend 10$. Season pass level can be upgraded by winning matches and completing quests. Upon leveling up your season pass you will earn rewards like Silver, Eternium Ingot, XP & Silver boosts, and much more.

Arena Of Evolution: Red Tides Tips

Open Supplies

After winning each battle, you will earn some silver coins. With those silver coins, you can open a silver chest and earn various rewards. To open the supply box, tap on Supplies at the right side of the game screen.  Select silver chest and open them. At the right bottom corner of the screen, you can the anime face girl. Tap on her to customize, your board, tiles, and commander.

Strategize Your Battle

Always make sure to place your tanks at the front to shield your other heroes from damage. Nuker and carry heroes at the middle and assassins at the back. You can check the role of heroes by simply tapping on them. To know about all the heroes, on the main game home screen tap on heroes at the left bottom corner of the screen.

Try Against Computer

Before playing an actual match or rank mode, you can try various combination against AI. To play against AI, select casual play from the main game screen and tap on versus AI. You can also play against normal humans without losing your rank in an unranked match by selecting casual play.

Save Your Coins

Don’t keep re-rolling heroes if you not getting a particular one to upgrade. Save your gold coins as you get some extra coins the more your save. If you have 10 coins, you will get 1 extra after each battle. Similarly, if you have 20/30/40/50 coins, you will receive 2/3/4/5 coins extra after each battle.

Watch Your Recent Games

In this tab, you also see all your opponent heroes that they have used and the synergy they made to win the game. It will be helpful a lot later in the game as you will get some idea from the pro players who have a much higher rank than yours or if you are struggling to rank up.

Recent Updates

Update Log 0523 – 22nd May 2019

Update Log 0530 – 29th May 2019

Update Log 0606 – 5th June 2019

Update Log 0613 12th June 2019

Update Log 0620 – 19th June 2019

Update Log 0627 – 26th June 2019

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