Archero Unlock Gear, Pet, Scrolls Guide, Farm Gem, Coins And Energy



In Archero you can unlock gears, pets to accompany you dealing damage to the enemies on your journey. You can use upgrading scrolls to upgrade your gears and pets which will be quite useful as you climb up the difficulty.

These gears and pets are all based on RNG as the chest is the only provider of these valuable items but as you continue playing and defeat the enemies in each stage, you will be awarded coins and gems momentarily.

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In this guide of Archero, we have mentioned all the ways of accumulating pets and valuable stuff including the in-game currencies below. These are all essential features of the game which you might need to understand and know before you progress further into the game.

Archero Gear

To collect a gear, you will need to either open a Golden or Obsidian Chest or defeat the enemies and boss to let them drop these valuables. It’s not on your control and these drops are random so maybe you will need to grind a little bit with the monsters. Eventually, your first gear would be available after unlocking a Chest or two.

Gears are the sole helper in your solo journey except the pets to increase your survivability. These equipment have their stats escalated according to their rarities. These rarities are described in the chronological order with respect to drop rate and the qualities of a gear.

  • Common
  • Great
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Perfect Epic
  • Legendary
  • Pet


Similar to the gears, you can unlock pets from the Golden or Obsidian Chest as a product of an RNG or farm and grind on levels unless you are too lucky to obtain it from the defeated enemies as a form of drops.

You can simultaneously equip two pets to accompany you on your journey, dealing and absorbing damages to and of enemies. Once you have unlocked the Wingman ability, your pets would absorb some of the incoming damage boosting up your survival chance in the game.

There is no other way in which you can unlock the pets, mostly there is a high chance while unlocking the free Obsidian Chest weekly but do not get your hopes high as its natural that RNG does not favor you similar to mine.

Archero Scrolls

Here we have the most important item which can be used along with specific coins on any type of gears and pets to upgrade with the help of these Upgrading Scrolls. The only process to obtain these scrolls will be by defeating the enemies. Once you have upgraded your gears via Upgrading Scrolls, the drop rate of these scrolls are escalated due to the specific gears worn during the journey.

As mentioned you can upgrade gears and pets with the help of three types of scrolls provided to you in the game. Armor, Ring, Spirit, and Weapons are all upgraded which involves their specific type of upgrading Scrolls. Upgrading items to its maximum level and fusing them with other upgraded items will retain their gears level.


The Gems are hard to get currency in the game. These gems are guaranteed when your account is leveled up. These gems which you can obtain are relatively less and hard which is why it is recommended to consume your gems wisely.

Each time you defeat the enemies and advance to another Chapter, you will be rewarded a few gems to help you in your dire situation. Whereas in the Chapter when you advance every 10 levels will grant you additional gems. So, its almost when you complete the levels and Chapters, you will be accumulating these Gems for your future use.

An alternative way to earn Gems is viewing the ads each time when you defeat the boss and roll the Lucky Spin. Once you have spun the wheel and watch the ad to gain another spin, you will be awarded Coins or Gems at least five times a day.

If you are in a hurry to earn gems then the only possible way is micro-transaction. You can purchase gems using real money and if you are all in, then the beginner’s pack is a good choice. Beginner’s pack will cost you 1.99$ only with a content of 300 Gems, 10,000 Coins, and Five Revivals. All the values of Gems unit are mentioned below:

  • Pile of Gems: 80 for $0.99 USD
  • Heap of Gems: 500 for $4.99 USD
  • Bucket of Gems: 1,200 for $9.99 USD
  • Barrel of Gems: 2,500 for $19.99 USD
  • Chest of Gems: 6,500 for $49.99 USD
  • Cart of Gems: 14,000 for $99.99 USD


Coins are usually obtained and collected as you progress ahead into the game. Each time you clear a level, spin the Lucky Wheel and viewing ads are the source of income. These coins are used to upgrade your gears and pets via Upgrading Scrolls, and Talents.

Speaking of Talents which gives you the passive upgrades and boost to your character stats. These talents all involve damage, and health buffs along with increase recovery rate and increased damage resistance. You can view these talents in the game where all the costs are mentioned which is unlocked via Coins.


Energy is kind of stamina which lets you enter a chapter to complete a level. 5 Energy is usually consumed each time when you access the Chapters. These Energies are filled up eventually as the time flies and if you are eager and in a hurry, you can consume Gems or watch ads 4 times a day to gain Energies. The most preferable option if you are bent on watching ads and consuming gems for Energies after spending all your Energy to 0 as it completely fills up your Energy bar after purchase or viewing ads.

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