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Archero the action game with a bit of strategy with it.  Those who are new to this game and think why you need a strategy? In higher levels where the monsters are stronger, you need to focus on their attack pattern and evade it. To kill these monsters you need stronger weapon, gear and choose the best abilities which will ease your path in the game.

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In this post of Archero, we will show how to get equipment and gears, how to make your weapon stronger and best ability to choose.

Archero How To Get Equipment

You get weapons from the obsidian chest. To open 1 obsidian chest 300 gems. If you don’t have enough gems, you can wait for 1 week to get a free chest. The obsidian chest contains great, rare and epic equipment. You can also open a golden chest which will give great equipment for 60 gems. You can get a free golden chest once a day.

After completing 10 stages in a chapter, you can claim certain quest rewards which may include a golden key or obsidian key. You can open a golden chest or obsidian chest with these keys. There is a total of 6 slots for your character to equip pieces of equipment. One slot is for a weapon, seconds is for armor, third and fourth is for the ring, fifth and sixth are for pets.

Archero How To Upgrade Equipment

You can upgrade equipment by collecting scrolls. To collect scrolls you need to play the chapters and kill monsters. Sometimes you will encounter a mysterious vendor while playing a stage who will grant you scroll in return for coins or gems. Don’t buy from the vendors, save up your coins and gems for talent, gear upgrade and gems for the chest.

By killing monsters you will get sufficient scrolls. To upgrade a gear, tap on the armor icon at the bottom of your screen in the main game home screen. Select a gear and tap on upgrade.

Archero How To Make Better Equipment

In Archero, there are different tiers of equipment. While Obsidian Chest gives you great, rare and epic equipment, those are very hard to open without spending money. You can get great weapons from the golden chest too daily.  To make your equipment better and stronger you need to fuse them and upgrade their tier.

To fuse equipment, go to the equipment screen and select fuse. There you can fuse 3 similar tier of equipment to get high tier equipment. So don’t get disappointed if you get similar equipment from the chest, you can always fuse them and make your character stronger.

Archero Best Ability To Choose

In this game, the best ability will depend on the weapons you are using. There are numbers of ability that we can combine with our weapons to maximize its damage out and clear all the stage with ease. Check out our weapons guide on Archero to understand the ability of each weapon and their stats. The best abilities to choose are:


With this ability, your hero will two arrows rapidly on monsters. This skill is good if the number of monsters is high in stage or in some spider bosses who keep spawning spiderling.


With this ability, your shot will bounce on hitting a monster. This ability works well with multi-shot ability as all arrows will bounce upon hitting enemies dealing maximum damage.

Bouncy Walls

If you are using multi-shot arrows then the bouncy wall is perfect for you. Even if you arrow misses the monster it will bounce off the walls and eventually hit one of them. This ability allows all your attack to bounce upon hitting obstacles.

Freeze/Blaze/Bolt/Poison Arrow

These abilities will enhance your normal attacks. The freeze will slow down enemy attack speed. Blaze will give a burning effect on the enemies and good for the boss battle. Bolt ability will trigger a lighting chain once your attack hit a monster. The lighting chain will bounce on enemies and deals damage. With the poison ability, your basic attack deals poison damage over time. You can combine poison and blaze arrow ability to deal maximum damage to bosses.

Stats Boost Abilities

Some of the ability will increase your stats such as critical strikes rate, normal attack damage, and speed. While completing the stage, if your character is lacking damage or attack speed, you can take these stats abilities. Always take the critical strike rate ability to deal heavy damage to the monster.


If you are using Tornado weapon then we suggest you not to take the piercing ability as the weapon already have piercing damage. Headshot skill instantly kills low-level monsters in one hit.

Invincibility Star

This ability gives you a 2-second barrier that makes you immune to incoming damage. The ability gets trigger automatically in the game every minute.


Choose this skill only if you have a pet. This skill allows your pet to take damage instead of your character, so you get an additional layer of protection.

Slow Projectile

Speed of the projectiles that are thrown by the monsters will be reduced if you select this skill.

Note: You can also comment down the weapon you are using and the best ability combo with it to help other players. 🙂

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  1. What happens if you fuse a level 5 weapon with two level 3s of the same gear quality? Does it stay level 5 and you lose the spent scrolls, or do they upgrade the level 5 to 6?

    1. The weapon in the slot gets upgraded and keeps its levels, the weapons in the other two slots have their coins and scrolls refunded. Nothing gets lost.

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