Archero Guide, Tips, Tricks, All Talents Details, Best Weapon And Lot More



Archero is an action game developed by Habby. The game is available in both platform Android and iOS. You can download the Android APK from HERE and iOS file from HERE.  The controls of the game might be easy but still, it requires a lot of skills to master this game. In this game, you have to control the main character and kill all the monster to complete the stage. There is a total of 10 stages in this game and each stage has 50 chapters.

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In this guide of Archero, we will show you basic guide, tips, tricks, all talent available in this game, best weapon and much more.

Archero Guide


In Archero, you have to just use your finger to move the character. Your character will shoot once it stands still. Make sure to keep moving to dodge enemy projectiles. As you keep clearing stages and level up, you will be asked to select an ability out of 3. The talents upgrade will remain permanent for your character but the ability that selects in each stage will be reset once your character dies.

In some stages, you will encounter Angel and Devil. Angel will give you some stats boosts that you need to select while the Devil will offer some ability in return of Health bar. You need to be careful while dealing with the Devil as it cost you your HP. If you really need that ability to clear further stages and your HP pool is more than 1k then you can take the Devil’s deal.

After killing enemies they will drop coins and red gems. Red gems will help you in restoring HP and coins will be used to upgrade or unlock talents. You can unlock talents or upgrade them from the main game home screen. Tap on the upward arrow icon at the bottom of the screen. Once you unlock all the talents, using coins will upgrade the level of those talents. We will post below the list of all the talents available in this game and the stats boost they provide.

Archero Talents List


There is a total of 9 talents available in this game and to unlock them tap on the upward arrow icon at the bottom of the screen. You need to keep leveling up your profile to unlock all the talents. Complete stages and chapters to level up your profile. The list of talent is:


While the game start, you will have a certain amount of HP. If you unlock and upgrade this talent, the base starting HP of your character will increase according to the level of this talent. At level 1 this talent will provide your 200+ HP when the stage starts and keep adding +100 each time you level this talent up.


This skill increases your basic attack power at the starting of the stage. At level 1 this talent provides +50 attack power and additional +25 each time you level this talent up.


While killing the monsters, they will drop some red gems which will restore the HP of your character. At level 1 this talent provides +50 HP regeneration of the red gems and additional +25 each time you level this talent up.

Iron Bulwark

If your character collides with the monster, he will lose some HP. This talent provides collision resistance from monsters. At level 1 this talent provides +50 collide resistance and +25 each time you level up this talent.


It increases the attack speed of your character at the starting of any stage. Attack speed matters a lot in this game, as in some stages you will face a lot of monsters who will keep coming near to collide. You need to kill them as fast as you can. This skill provides +2% attack speed at the starting of any stage and an additional +1% each time you level up this talent.


This talent will restore some HP of your character once he levels up in a chapter. While leveling up, you get an option to select 1 ability of 3. This talent restores +100 HP of your character once he levels up and additional +100 each time your level up this talent.

Enhance Equipment

In this game, you also need to unlock equipment and give it to your character to increase the stats. This talent will give a boost to the base stats of the equipment that you are wearing in the starting of any stage. This talent gives a 3% boost to your equipment stats and an additional 3% each time your upgrade this talent.

Time Reward

After unlocking this talent you will get a present icon on the top left of your screen in the chapter selection menu. If you tap on it, you will earn some rewards as coins and scrolls. This talent refreshes every 60 minutes and rewards depends on the level of this talent.


This talent doesn’t need an upgrade and you need to unlock it once again. This talent lets your character select an ability at the starting of any stage.

Archero Best Weapon

There is a total of 4 weapons available in this game, you can get these weapons from the obsidian chest. The 4 weapons available are:

Saw Blade

This weapon has the fastest attack speed in this game but deals less damage than other weapons. So if you love attack speed stats more than damage, this is the best weapon of you. The base attack of the Sawblade is 302.

Brave Bow

This is the basic weapon of your character, but if you keep on upgrading it using a scroll or fuse with other bows, this will be perfect all-around weapons. The damage and attack speed of this weapons is above average. The base attack of the Brave Bow is 378.


It works like a boomerang so when you throw this weapon, it comes back to you dealing additional damage to the monsters. This weapon also deals pierce damage to the monsters. It might the best weapon available in the game. You can position your character to deal maximum damage to all the enemies using this feature of the weapon. The base attack of the Tornado is 302.

Death Scythe

This weapon might have very slow attack speed but it is very powerful, deals heavy damage and has a knockback ability upon hitting monsters. The weapon deals maximum damage out of all the weapons in this game. The base attack of Death Scythe is 548

Archero Tips

Keep Moving

Always keep moving to dodge enemy projectiles but the main problem lies that your character needs to stand still to shoot. So you need to follow the pattern of your enemy attacks, dodge them and then shoot arrows to kill the monsters. Be careful some monster may even come near to collide with you and damage your character.

Select The Best Ability

Always choose the best ability when you level up or reach an angel in any chapter. You will be given a choice of 3 ability, you need to think which ability will deal maximum damage and help you clear the chapter with ease.

Save Coins And Gem

With coins, you can unlock and upgrade your talent while with the gem you can unlock the chest and get better equipment. Coins are also used to upgrade your gears and equipment and give them a stat boost.  While completing chapters you will also come across a spin challenge where you spin the wheel to get rewards in coins.

Deal Carefully With Devil

While clearing the chapters or after the boss battle, you will come across the Devil who will offer you some ability in exchange for your HP. You need to weight the pro and cons of that particular ability in exchange for your HP. If that ability is really strong and will help you in clearing the stage then take it. Best ability according to us that the Devil offers is to run across water and walls.

Watch Ads To Restore Energy

While completing an early stage chapter will have no problem. In the later game, the monster becomes stronger and it’s hard to complete the stages in one go. So to play once a stage you need 5 energy and once all the energy is replenished you need to wait a few hours. You can watch Ad to restore your energy and start killing monsters.

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