Archero A Complete List All Of Skills/ Ability In Details & Best Pet Guide



In this post of Archero developed by Habby, we will show a complete list of all the skills/ abilities you can choose, pet list & guide, and an angel & devil skills in details.

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Archero Pet Guide

There is a total of 4 pets available in this game. You can equip two pets at a time and once you have equipped a pet, you will get some additional abilities related to it. You will be able to select abilities like diagonal arrows for your spirit, spirit damage boost, spirit attack boost and much more. If your pet is of a high tier, then you can take some of the pet abilities to deal more damage to monsters. The list of the pets are:



Scythe Mage










You shouldn’t upgrade the same pet’s because during fusion time only the highest level of pet will be obtained, Example if you have a level 5 pet and two level 3 pets. During fusion, you will get a high tier of level 5 pet only and your scrolls will be lost which you have used on your level 3 pets. So far wingman is the best ability if you have equipped. If you choose that ability, your pet will become a barrier, shielding you from enemy projectiles.

Archero Skill/ Ability List


Two ice orbs float around your character dealing damage to monsters and slowing them down.

Ice Circle

ArcheroYour basic attack will deal per second poison damage to the monsters.

Poison Touch


With this ability, you project 2 more arrows towards both to your left and right side.

Side Arrows

ArcheroUpon dying Monsters releases holy projectiles in all direction.

Death Nova

ArcheroYour basic attack will pierce monsters dealing additional damage.

Piercing Shot

ArcheroYour basic attack will have a flame effect and deal damage over time to monsters.


ArcheroYour basic attack will now have lighting effect and deal chain damage to monster as it bounces.


ArcheroTwo thunder orbs will be rotating around your character dealing damage to the monster who comes in contact with it.

Bolt Circle

Your attack will bounce when it touches the wall and will hit more monsters.

Bouncy Wall

Two icy swords surrounding your character that deals damage to monster that it touches and slow them down.

Ice Swords

Two thunder sword revolving around your character deals lighting damage to monster that touches it.

Bolt Swords

Your basic attack will travel in both forward and backward direction. Can be combined with other.

Rear Arrow

Low tier monster will die instantly in 1 hit. The succession rate of this ability is not 100%.


You recover some health upon killing monsters.


Your attack bounces upon hitting the enemy with reducing the bouncing damage. Attack will only bounce if there are multiple enemies nearby.


  Two poisonous orbs revolve around your character dealing poison damage to whoever it comes in contact with.

Poison Circle

Your arrows will split up on hitting monsters dealing additional damage.

Holy Touch

Whenever you kill any monster, in his place a shadow clone will appear and help you.

Shadow Clone

Two poisonous swords revolve around your character dealing poison damage to whoever it comes in contact with.

Toxic Sword

Fire 2 basic attack rapidly at enemy monsters.


Two fire orbs revolve around your character giving burn effect that damages them over time to whoever it comes in contact with.

Fire Circle

Your basic attack will have a freeze effect slowing down enemy monsters.


You will get an immune shield for 2 seconds once in a while

Invincibility Star

Your character will deal more damage as his HP is getting lower.


Your character levels up faster by killing monsters.


Each second a sword will spawn around you and will hit enemies giving them poison effect.

Toxic Strike

Each second a sword will spawn around you and will hit enemies giving them burn effect.

Blazing Strike

Monsters projectile speed will be slowed, giving your character ample time to dodge them.

Slow Projectile

ArcheroYour spirit will take some damage and act as a barrier against monsters.



Your basic attack fires two arrows parallelly at the monsters.


Front Arrow +1

Your character HP is recovered upon killing monsters.



ArcheroYou can shoot your basic attack diagonally. Stacks with other skills like a multi-shot, rear shot arrow, bouncy wall, and side arrows.


Diagonal Arrows

Monster explode upon dying.

Death Bomb

ArcheroTwo Shield rotating around your character that gives damage collision reduction from monsters.

Shield Guard

Archero Angel And Devil Offering



While completing stages, you will encounter the angel and devil who will grant an ability. While the angels are of pure soul that grant you ability free of cost, the devil’s demand the sacrifice of your health bar in exchange for a skill. The three special skills that only you can obtain from the devil by sacrificing your Health bar are:

Water Walker- You can walk over water.

Wall Walker- You can pass through obstacles.

Extra Life- You will recover with max HP after being dead once.

The devil additional skills are Increase attack speed, attack boost, crit master and much more. Do not take these abilities as you can get them by leveling up or from the angel.

Angel’s Offering

The Angel will mostly give stats based skills/ abilities. Some of Angel’s offering are:

ArcheroAll your lost health will be restored.


ArcheroYour critical damage and the critical rate will increase.

Crit Master

ArcheroHealth regenerated from the red gems will be increased.

Strong Heart

ArcheroAttack damage of the main weapon of your character will increase.

Attack Boost

Fire rate of your basic attack will increase.

Attack Speed

ArcheroYour character health bar capacity is increased.

HP Boost

Note: We might have missed out a few skills, as we have got only these many while playing. You can comment down the ability name if you think something is missing.

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