Another Tomorrow: How to Solve Part 2 and Finish Puzzle

Another Tomorrow: How to Solve Part 2 is a guide to solve the second piece of puzzle.

Another Tomorrow is a new first-person click  puzzle game. This game was developed by Glitch Games. You start the game as a person who has no clue about their memory. You have to search clues in the current scenario and advance further in the level. The puzzles get a little difficult as you progress. You have to look carefully and try to understand the clues. In this part we will see the next location where the puzzle is to be solved.

Another Tomorrow How to Solve Part 2

First Scenario

You arrive at a new location. This location is called Hawthorne Apartments. You see a Van parked in front of a no entry sign. There are apartments . There is a billboard  up in the corner. You can also go the back alley. In the back alley are several elements, which will be discussed later. The tasks you have to do are

  1. Go inside the  Van.
  2. Open the toolbox inside the van using this code
  3. Pick up the Number 7 Button & Paint Scraper.


Back Alley

another tomorrow how to solve part 2

Go to the back alley. You will find electrical box in the corner. Also there is a drum with bonfire. There are two bins outside the bin. The apartment door is locked. You cannot reach the fire escape of the building. There is a junction box near the bins. Here are the task that you need to do.

  1. Collect the Tapes from the Electrical Boxes
  2. Put the Tape on 4th switch on Left and 2nd switch on Right.
  3. Now you can check the bin.
  4. Take the Umbrella from the bin.
  5. Goto front billboard on the front street.
  6. Use Umbrella to pull the ladder on billboard.
  7. Climb up and use the Paint Scraper on Advert to reveal code (*7326#)

Now go back to door of the apartment where the van is parked and follow these steps

  1. Put Number 7 on the keypad.
  2. Enter the code (*7326#)
  3. The door will get unlocked . Enter the door

Second Scenario

Inside the room you will find scattered flyers. On on the of the note in the wall it says that a delivery is inside the mail box. The code is supposed to written in the pad. You find out that the notepad has been torn off. Here’s what you need to do

  1. Pick up the Empty Coffee Cup from the table
  2. Goto back alley
  3. Goto to the dustbin. Pick up Trashbag
  4. Pour Bin Juice into Cup
  5. Now empty the Filled Cup on Fire
  6. Pick up Charcoal 
  7. Go inside the apartment
  8. Rub the charcoal on note to find the code ADCD
  9. Use the code ADCD on mailbox to find your apartment.

Another Tomorrow: How to Solve Part 2

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