Another Tomorrow: How to Solve and Finish The City Part 1

Another Tomorrow: How to Solve is a guide to complete the levels.

Another Tomorrow is a new first-person click  puzzle game. This game was developed by Glitch Games. You start the game as a person who has no clue about their memory. You have to search clues in the current scenario and advance further in the level. The puzzles get a little difficult as you progress. You have to look carefully and try to understand the clues.

Another Tomorrow How to Solve Puzzle

First Scenario

In this room you will find lots of things to check here but here are the things you need to pick

  1. Click on the TV, you will find a Glass Pane is the lower rack and pick it.
  2. Pick up the Metal Ball on the floor.

For the time being these are the things you need for now but you will need to come back.

Second Scenario


In the floor you will find a text written “There is no time left” . In the left is a cabinet where you find some figures. Here’s your task. Open your briefcase on your left corner first

  1. Use the Glass Pane on the cabinet and you will find a pattern, which will be useful later so REMEMBER THAT or use camera if you have found it.

You need to tap on the door in the middle to advance into the next door.


Third Scenario

In this room there are few tasks you need to complete and remember some clues too.

  1. Pick up the Key hanging on the top left corner hangar
  2. Click on the hole and open the locked box.
  3. Pick up the Loose Chain on table
  4. Pick up the Toothpick inside box.
  5. Press the button and remember the light sequence (4-2-3-1-3)
  6. On the wall there is a panel, remember the sequence and direction of Square and Triangles.
  7. Attach the Loose Chain and Metal Ball and use it to break the wall.

Go to the first room and find the valves in the left side. Turn the valves in the order (4-2-3-1-3) . Then you can check the contraption on the right corner. When you look at the contraption press the buttons in this manner

  1. Inverted Square
  2. Upright Triangle
  3. Inverted Triangle
  4. Line
  5. Square

After unlocking it, you will find a Camera and Security Card. Its better if you keep clicking pictures of things you want to remember. Like the cabinet pattern on the second room.

Fourth Scenario

another tomorrow how to solve

After breaking the wall, advance in to the next room. You will find a locker in the corner. Use the viewer and refer to the pattern from second room. After you move the viewer according to the pattern, it will unlock. After unlocking, you will have a flash back.

  1. Pick up the Long Pole in the locker.
  2. Attach the Long Pole and Security Card.
  3. You use that Remote-Access Hacking on the working bridge controls on other side.

In the first room you will find a timer. You can manipulate the time by pressing the buttons. In the second room you find a wall where its written “Pick the right time” . Here’s what to do.

  1. Goto the timer room.
  2. Rest the left timer to 00:00.
  3. Use Toothpick on the right timer.

After you do these, it will say WE:LL DO:NE . The door will open up


Fifth Scenario

another tomorrow how to solve


You will have flash back on car crash. If you look on the wall near stairs, you find its written “Ignite where our paths cross” . There is a staircase when you climb you can use the pedestrian signal. You push the button as the signs change randomly. There is a blue door . Inside there is a hatch with a machine with some random number. There is a phone booth, benches and bins outside. Here’s what you need to do

  1. Go inside blue door and access the machine.
  2. Press these 3 numbers (2, 5, 7) and it will unlock the hatch.
  3. Pick the Postcard fragment from the hatch.
  4. Check and remember the Arrow Sequence of the road (→ ← → → ← →)
  5. Go-to the pedestrian push button.
  6. Press button according to the arrows and the side pedestrian is facing.
  7. After completing the sequence, you will get a Postcard fragment.

After you join the both the Postcard fragments, you will find an address which will unlock the next location.


I hope you like Another Tomorrow: How to Solve Guide. Stay tuned for the next part.

If you love the game, please support the developer Glitch Games

The game is currently available in Windows/ OSX  and will be available on Steam and Playstore.

Game Link: Another Tomorrow

Download here!

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