Among Us- Guide For The Best Detective And Suspense Game In Android

Among Us

Among Us

Among Us was released on 15 June 2018 and quite a successful game where you need to complete the task with your crewmates and successfully defend the spaceship. Among your crew, there is a random Imposter who can kill and creates turmoil. In one server 4-10 players can join in this multiplayer game and either win through completing all the tasks or catch the Impostor.

There is only a single map currently which comprises various rooms where each player are assigned random tasks. Any players can initiate emergency meetings to chat among them and discuss who is the Impostor among them. The game is quite balanced and allows players to interact with each other and judge who might be the cunning and sneaky Impostor among them.

Hosting Game

You can host the game by clicking on Online and Host A Game. You will be provided various options where you can select the maximum player participation (i.e. 10) and Impostors (i.e. 3).

Once you have created the lobby, you can customize your lobby via laptop as shown in the above image and customize your lobby settings. The code mentioned below can be shared to your friends which let them join in your lobby. Though you can choose to keep your lobby private or public. The game supports WiFi and can create private lobbies which allow players to connect via there Code.

Among Us Gameplay

The admin can start the game, which will trigger a random selection of 1 Impostor and 9 Crewmates which is a standard setting. The Impostor has the ability to kill and hide in the small vents waiting for his prey to walk in alone. To make the game more interesting, the in-game chat is disabled and whenever there is an Emergency meeting, the in-game chat is enabled.

As mentioned above in-game chat can only accessed when there is an Emergency Meeting. To initiate Emergency Meeting, you can either press the Use button in the Cafeteria where you spawn or find a dead corpse of your fellow crewmate and press Report.

There would be enough time provided to chat and decide whom to vote. The player who gets the maximum vote will be thrown out from the spaceship and if the Impostor is caught you all will naturally win. If the Impostor is still not caught the game continues until there is only one Crewmate left.

Win Condition:

Crewmate- Catch The Impostor, or Complete The Tasks to win.

Impostor- Kill (n-1) Crewmates whereas n is the total number of Crewmates. For example, there is a total of 10 players, 1 is Impostor and 9 is Crewmate. So, if the Impostor manages to eliminate 8 Crewmate, he wins.

How To Use Map Or Know Where The Tasks Are Located

There is a Map icon below the settings button. On the map, you can check and see where your designated tasks are situated. You can travel through rooms watching your map, completing your task as soon as possible. The long task or the tasks who have multiple assignments like- Fix The Wire (0/3). Once you complete the first wire task, the remaining two wires location would be indicated to you on the screen with yellow indicators.

Among Us How To Catch The Impostor

You can periodically watch the security cameras in the Security room which shows whoever passes through the hallway or enter any room. You can judge whether they leave alone from that room or you can catch the Impostor committing the crime on the alley where the cameras are focused.

The Impostor does not focus on completing any task and want to isolate a crewmate and kill him. To avoid such situation, you can be aware and as soon as it’s possible, complete your task and watch security cameras to catch the culprit. You may take turns with your friend, but are you sure he is trustworthy?

The game involves treachery and instantaneous judgment skills. The less the crewmate alive, the more the possibility of catching the Impostor. On another way around, the less the crewmate alive, the more is the chance for the Impostor to win. So, there is literally no advantage for any side.

If you are new and currently searching for a game which will last for 5-10 minutes, then we recommend it’s perfect for you. There are in-game cosmetics which requires micro-transaction. It especially not pays to win the game which does not spoil any fun for the players. If you are on a vacation or on a picnic and want some game which involves a group, then this is a perfect choice for you.

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