AFK Arena: Guide,Best Heroes,Tips,Enhance Gear & Redemption Codes

AFK Arena

AFK Arena as the name suggests is based on card heroes with AFK battles developed by Lilith Games. The game features various heroes with different tier lists which you need to summon. You can select up to 5 different heroes to assist you in battle. Each hero has their own ultimate ability which you need to tap on their portrait to activate. Else you can also turn auto battle on which will auto-cast your heroes ultimate ability as soon as it gets ready.

Each hero has their own epic tales to uncover. In this post, we will guide you with some basic beginners tips, strategy, how can you enhance your gear and get special rewards with AFK Arena redemption code. Let’s start with the beginner’s guide.

AFK Arena: Beginners Guide

At the starting of the game, it will show a vague tutorial about how the battle is done. There is a total of 24 chapters to be completed and more chapters might come soon. You need to select up to 5 heroes as we have mentioned above to assist you in battle. In the game, you just have to strategize your position of heroes and keep upgrading your heroes level and enhance your gears. Once you begin the battle, you can see the enemies position and positions of your own heroes. Place your melee heroes at the front and range(DPS, Magic) at the back so that the tanks can take the damage while range hero deals damage. There is a total of 6 factions in AFK Arena which are:

  • LightBearer Heroes
  • Maulers Heroes
  • Wilders Heroes
  • Graveborn Heroes
  • Celestial Heroes
  • Hypogean Heroes
AFK Arena: Bonus Attributes From Combination

If you are using same faction type heroes for your battle, you will gain certain bonus attributes for that battle. You can check them out by clicking on begin battle during the heroes selection phase at the top right corner of the screen. You can also see enemy bonus attributes by tapping on the icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Get Ascended Hero At the Beginning Of Game

You can unlock one ascended hero “Lucius” at the beginning of the game as a  global launch gift. This reward has a time span of 8 days starting from April 10th to April 18th. You can unlock this hero by tapping on the Global Lunch Icon on the left side of the screen and receive the reward. Obtaining one Ascended hero is a great boost to the early gameplay of the game. Lucius belongs to LightBearer faction and works as a great tank early game.

Every Ascended hero in this game has a total of 4 skills which unlocks as you keep upgrading your hero. The 1st skill is unlocked by default while other skills will get unlocked at hero level 10, 41, 61. Lucius default ability provides a shield to all the allies and protects them from incoming damages for 8 seconds.

Legendary tier heroes have only 3 skill and common heroes have 2 skills.

AFK Arena: How To Summon Heroes

You can summon heroes using common scrolls, faction scrolls, companion points or diamonds. Common scrolls can be obtained by completing daily quests and events. You will get faction scrolls only by completing events. Companion points can be earned only by sending and receiving from your friends. Diamonds can be earned in many ways. You can earn diamonds by leveling up your account. You can also earn them by from events, completing quests and many other ways. We will also provide some redemption code which will grant you  2000 diamonds.

To summon heroes you need to unlock the Ranhorn area. You will unlock it once you reach chapter 2. After unlocking the area, tap on it and visit The Noble Tavern. There you can use your scroll, points or diamond to summon heroes.

AFK Arena: Best Heroes According To Role

Lucius- It is one of the best tank heroes according to us as it has maximum Hit Points at his max level. Most of his skills provide damage reduction to your allies and his 3rd skills also heal allies. You can also unlock this hero at the beginning of the game till April 18th, 2019.


Nemora– Nemora belongs to the Ascended tier hero which is the best healer in AFK Arena. Out of 4 skills which she has, 3 of them provide heal to your allies while 1 deals damage to enemies.

Tasi- If you don’t have Nemora, you can also use Tasi as a healer. Tasi has 3 ability which deals damage to enemies and disables them. If you a crowd control hero with healing abilities Tasi will be the best one according to us. You can unlock the 2nd skills of Tasi which summons 10 magical fairies to heal your allies as well as deal damage to the enemy.


Saveas- As Saveas is legendary tier hero, the maximum level it can reach is 160. The highest level a hero can reach in AFK Arena is 240 which only Ascended tier heroes can reach. So till level 160, Saveas is the best DPS hero according to us. Saveas has haste ability which drastically increases his attack speed for 10 seconds.

Shemira- After level 160, Shemira is the best DPS even if its attack power at level 240 is 49589 which is little less than other heroes but being intelligence heroes it deals massive damage to opponents and even has 69k Hit Points which is above average for an intelligence hero.

How To Enhance Gears In AFK: Arena

You can only upgrade the gears which are uncommon(blue color border) or higher level gears. To enhance your gears click on the heroes tab then click on the hero that’s equipping the item you wanna enhance and click on the item and on the bottom of the screen click enhance.

AFK Arena: Factions Strength And Weakness

Each faction has strength over other faction and weaknesses against some which you can strategies against battling your enemy. Here are the strength and weakness of factions:

LightBearer Heroes

Strength-  Maulers 

Weakness- Graveborn

Maulers Heroes

Strength- Wilders

Weakness- LightBearer

Wilders Heroes

Strength- Graveborn

Weakness- Maulers

Graveborn Heroes

Strength- LightBearer

Weakness- Wilders

Celestial Heroes

Strength- Hypogean

Weakness- Hypogean

Hypogean Heroes

Till now there are no hypogean heroes in AFK arena or we couldn’t find it. If you have any information about this faction and want to feature it here share it with us in comments.

How To Summon Hero Using 200 Diamonds

If you visit The Noble Tavern, you can see that you need 300 diamonds to summon a hero. Once you summon a hero, go to your home screen and tap on heroes at the bottom of your screen. Tap on portraits at the bottom of the screen and select the hero which you have summoned. Tap on their story at the bottom of the page and collect the Hero Acquisition reward 100 diamonds. You can use this technique for all the new heroes you have summoned.

AFK: Arena Tips

Join A Guild

As soon as you complete the chapter 2 stage 20, join a good active guild as you will need help at the later chapters in the game. Guild store and team hunting feature will be unlocked when you join a guild. Guild store has various gears which can be bought by guild points. You can gain guild points by team hunting. You need to select 5 heroes to battle the enemy. The aim is to deal maximum damage so that the rewards at the end will be higher. You can visit store and team hunting by tapping on the Guild Hall on the Guild main screen.

Try Out Different Heroes

You can try out any heroes even if you haven’t unlocked them. Tap on heroes at the bottom of the screen and select portraits. Select any hero which is not available to you and then tap on test hero.

Collect AFK Rewards

Tap on the campaign at the bottom of the page and you can see a golden chest on your screen. Tap on the screen to check your AFK rewards. As you keep leveling up your account, the rewards generate per minute will be higher. Tap on collect to claim your rewards.

Complete Daily Quests


There are various daily quests available in AFK Arena like Challenge a boss, level up your heroes and many more. Once you complete them, tap on quest icon at the top right corner of the game screen and claim your rewards.

Raise Hero Stars

If you get any duplicate cards of your heroes during summoning, don’t worry you upgrade that hero star by visiting the Temple of Ascension. You can visit it by tapping on the Ranhorn icon at the bottom of the screen and then tap on the Temple of Ascension. You can only raise stars of Legendary and Ascended Tier heroes. For legendary heroes, you need 3 duplicate cards and for Ascended heroes, you need 2 duplicate cards.

Always Check Battle Power

When You start your battle with an enemy, during the hero selection period you can check the battle power of both the sides. If your battle power is much lower than enemy try to level up your heroes, equip better gears and enhance them. Else you can try playing the previous stages to collect rewards and then upgrade your heroes.

AFK Arena: Redemption Codes (Expired)

Redemption codes can be used to obtain huge rewards such as 100k Gold, 1000 diamonds and much more.

afklaunch – You can use this code to unlock common scrolls, gold, and Fortuitous Hourglass.

AFK Arena also gave out many codes to many YouTubers which can be redeemed by everyone but you can use only one code of any YouTuber. Here are some of the YouTubers code:

  • bunnyfufu
  • orangejuicegaming
  • lachlan
  • iamwildcat
  • top5gaming

Note- You can only use only 1 code to get 1k diamonds, 100k gold, and 120 rare hero soulstone.

To redeem the codes tap on your character profile on the top left corner of the screen. Then tap on setting beside Main Page at the bottom of the screen and select redemption code. There you need to enter the code and click on confirm.

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